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Hello Folks,

Wondering if anybody has changed out a ladder/pintle bar on a striker type spreader? Ive got a spare link and some misc spare parts if it happens. Just seeing if folks could give some advise/direction on this if they have done it.

Thank you.

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There is no real trick to it - but I wouldn't bet money on being able to repair it in the field.

In the event that a bar snapped in such a way that the chain was still rotating, you probably wouldn't even be aware of it until your next cleaning/maintenance.

Much more likely, you would need it when it breaks in such a way that the whole chain twists and stops dead. Replacing it is simply a matter of cutting the pins on the original link(s) with a grinder or similar, but it will almost certainly be in an inconvenient spot in the spreader with a load of salt or sand on top of it and you'll have to free up the chain first to do it. And expect to need to replace more than just that one bar with links. So don't get your hopes up on just popping the new link in and getting back to spreading.

Though I'm sure there are some on here that'll chime in with "I could do that in the field in 5 minutes"

That said, there is no harming in having it on hand. Just don't expect it to save the day in the way you may hope.
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