strange white stuff falling over Toronto


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Finally, snow:D It started about an hour ago and hasn't let up. It's suppost to keep snowing throuout the night. We're only supposed to get around 2 inches though, but hey sure is better than nothing.

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3" accumulation in the past 4 hours or so and coming down good right now - about 1-1/2 to 2 hours north of you guys. Temp is right around the freezing mark as of now, definitely plowable. Better get "Godzilla" the truck cranked up................

1" = approx. 2.5 cm


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I hear you got hit pretty good 75. Once again the smog & heat force field protected Toronto from any accumulations. I may have to relocate 1 hr. north in the winters & rethink my equipment inventory.

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Yes, we did get a good helping of "plowable stuff" up here, my previous post was made just before I headed out, got the lots plowed and was at work for 7:00 am (Thursday) It snowed pretty much all day and went back out to plow at 9:00 pm, then on Friday, during the day it began snowing again, stopped at around 10:00 pm.

Was out plowing all last night, today was clear and considerably colder. No snow since it stopped yesterday, looks like it's over for a few days.

Once I figure out what day it is ;) time to make up the invoice(s) and get 'em submitted................. :)

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