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Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by SlimJim Z71, Jan 28, 2001.

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    Okay, here's the deal.

    Friday, we were supposed to get 2"-4" of snow. We only ended up with a little less than an inch. All of my accounts, excluding the dealership, want me to wait until there's 2" of snow on the ground, and then start plowing. Well that original inch is still on the ground, but I'm thinking I should go out and plow it... we're supposed to get a light dusting tonight, followed by sleet and freezing rain, and then maybe 6"-10" around Tuesday.

    If I don't get rid of the original 1" of snow, it will make things REALLY interesting once I go to plow the 6"-10" if it shows up.

    What would you do? I'm considering calling all my customers, alerting them of the oncomming weather, and advising that I plow/salt the snow that's on the ground now.

    Let me know what you guys think I should do...


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    We had the exact same problem here. I just hate leaving that mess and having them drive over it for days. There were NO plows out around me though this weekend. The commercials in town looked terrible, too. I decided to do mine anyways, and I'm glad I did. There was a lot of drifting that I really needed to take care of as well. I do have a different situation than you though, because most of my route is contract. My per plow customers don't kick in till 3 inches, and those did not get done. With a three inch trigger, they are used to either cleaning up the small ones themselves or driving over it.
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    Leave the 1" where it is. It won't make any appreciable difference if you do get several inches on top of it. If you get the sleet/freezing rain mess that inch of snow will, unless it is all packed hard, keep the ice from forming on the pavement. Ice on top of a thin layer of snow will peel off much easier than ice stuck to the pavement. Only snag will be if the snow gets packed hard enough to be stuck down, then you would have a thicker layer of ice. My personal approach would be to let it sit and see what happens.
  4. OP
    SlimJim Z71

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    That's what I'm worried about, people are probably packing that one inch down pretty good by now. I have a feeling I'm going to have frozen tire tracks all over the place, and I don't want phone calls from the people that I don't salt saying that I didn't do a sufficient job. What to do, what to do...

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    I guess I will find out also. I plowed about half of mine do to drifting and most of the other half were driveways that the wind blew all the snow off and were bare. This next storm should be interesting. Snow turning to freezing rain, turning to rain, turning to snow. This is a hard one to call.
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    Call them tell them you need to make a salt run. Here any thing 1" gets salted, this should also pre-treat(residual) for the upcoming storm(dusting), two problems solved in one visit.
  7. OP
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    I think at the very least, I'll go out and lay down some salt before all this hits. I don't want to be fighting ice if we do end up getting all that snow...

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    Thats what salt is for! Anything under the 2 inch trigger should be salted.

    Salting per application is a money maker.
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    We Plowed

    I know you guys will want to choke me after I tell you this, but we went out and plowed, did a full billing and had all of 13 trucks and out in four towns, plowing for 12 hours, In Midwest it must be done.... you can not let that snow sit on the ground, it will only be a problem for you. At least get salt down before this week, we are getting rain/sleet tonight.... and snow Mon, Tue, Wed, and Thur
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    central in had 1-2 inches friday afternoon, I waited till about four, put the plow on, and started doing drives, because people don't want salt on their drives for some reason. I plowed two commercials, one was a resturant, the other a hardware store. both have 2-3 inch triggers, but they also leave it to my discretion, depending on prevailing conditions. The industrial docks, and such on the south side of indy, we didn't do any more than touch ups.

    My personal experiance tells me when in doubt plow, much easier to explain why you did, than why you didn't. when the lot is dry and black and their neighbors is sloppy, they never seem to be upset about a plowing bill.
  11. John DiMartino

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    I wouldve salted that dusting a day or so ago,I make sure as to when im supposed to salt or not,I dont want to be named in a suit any time soon.The commercials are a no brainer,they should've been pre-treated and there wouldnt be any snow there now,its just the residentials that i would want to talk to about thiese type of storms,we had 2 of these little 11/2" storms this week,with residentials its a tough call.
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    I only have a few accounts, mainly because Motorwerks takes so freakin long. Two driveways, that don't want salt. Two driveways that do, as well as a townhouse complex that does. We salted Motorwerks, like you said, before and after the snow we got, and it looks okay. The two driveways and the townhouse complex don't want me to salt until AFTER the two-inch snowfall trigger, after I plow. I just called the owner, and he said go ahead and salt since the weather is gonna get ugly over the next few days.