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Straight Sand

Discussion in 'Ice Management' started by TGCA, Oct 20, 2011.

  1. TGCA

    TGCA Junior Member
    Messages: 1

    New to the forum and need some professional input. Great info here, searched through lots of pages of topics...

    So, looking for some advice on spreading straight sand. I'm in the process of deciding on a Vbox spreader to purchase. We are a property association in NW WA state and can have some pretty nasty winter weather in any given year. We have about 10 miles of paved roads and multiple parking lots (paved and gravel) we maintain (plow) in the winter, and the maintenance guys are tired of shoveling sand outta the back of the truck :dizzy: (can't figure out why??) Anyway, we have a 1 ton flat bed with hydraulic dump we will be mounting the spreader on. We use STRAIGT SAND, not salt or any mixes of salt. I'm essentially looking at an electric drive Salt Dogg (maint. supervisor says he prefers poly). They are the closest dealer (25 miles) and seem to be good quality and get decent reviews.

    #1 question Auger or Conveyor? I read the Salt Dogg auger is best suited for salt/sand mix. Also, it seems conveyors are better suited for a variety materials.

    #2 type of sand. We have a local supplier a few miles away we buy washed sand from. Is that to fine?

    #3 material freezing. Unfortunately, here in WA we get alot of rain. Rain then below freezing temps the next day (in the foothills). our sand sits outside, and try to break it up best we can with the backhoe, but still may chunks exist. this year I will get on them about covering it, but how well does a conveyor do with "chunky" material? I assume an auger would be better.

    Thanks for any help....I want to get the right unit 'cause I might be the one called in at 2am to sand and plow!