straight blade vs. box blade

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Western New York
Hard choice.
A box is good for pushing snow, a straight is good for rolling snow. All depends on the set-up of your lot & what your are installing it on.
I'd go with a V plow, or even a Blizzard 810 (the new talk of the board), that way you can have the best of both worlds.

With a Box your plow wont trip as easy, unless you get something like the turky wings.


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Are you pushing with a truck or loader? If a truck do not permanatley change the plow to a box pusher. Just add the turkey wings.


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I have a 3/4 ton with 7.5' blade for that site. There are some big open spaces to the parking lot and 3 or 4 long laneways about 50' wide by at least 500' long with a requirement that does not allow me to leave a ridge of snow along the sides of the lanes.

I haven't heard the term turkey wings before. I was thinking of making my blade into a box with some 12-16" side walls with brackets all attached with pins for easy removal.


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Central Indiana
If you are looking for turkey wings look to the banner at the top of the page. they are a sponsor of this site. (or look at the sponsors tab at the top)

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