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    Geoff- This storms strongest part is going to miss you i think. By looking at the track it took through Maryland and Pa i think its ganna miss u.You could have been talking 12-14&quot; but my quess is u will get 4-6 maybe 8.<br>i know this is late but just a quess. Tell me what you end up with. I think its ganna hit u early to mid morning.<br>-nick<p>ps too fast to be a real dumper<br>pps all rain here too warm
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    I rained last night. Half way during school it turned to snow. It's only sticking to the ground. The streets are too warm for it to stick. Maybe if it gets colder it'll start to accumulate.<p>Brya<p>----------<br>The Snowplow Homepage<br>
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    Northwest Vermont got around 3&quot;. The way we are set up that got us into all the commercial accounts but none of the residential ones. Dropped 2 1/2 tons of salt last night, went back and plowed the slop off this morning. Temperatures fell overnight from hig 20s to low 20s. Anywhere that wasn't anti iced froze over immediately once you peeled the snow off. Not a big money maker, as almsot everything we did was on contract, so it generated almost no direct billables, but it was a storm that made us look good from the way everything cleared up. We had the earliest black showing on our lots of anyone in town
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    We had 1&quot; of wet snow which started to accumulate around 6:30am and went to about 10:00am. We aplied about 12 tons of magic salt and it melted right off. Sold about 30tons to landscapers and contractors most of which had removed there sanders due to the warm weather and they quickly regretted doing so.It would be nice to just get 1 more decent storm<p>----------<br>J PARKER<br>914-485-4200
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    We only got an inch or so on the grass.On blacktop or dirt it melted as it came down,it was 63 degrees yesterday afternoon,no ice, snow or anything at any of my accounts,I didnt do a thing,wasted yesterday putting sander in and hoping to use those new pro-wings,no luck.We need one more big one.My lots still have a coating of sand from the last time I spread about 3 weeks ago,so I wasnt worried about them.<p>----------<br>John D<br>
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    Ok, well i wasn't here all day yesterday because we got 8&quot;.<p>4&quot; by 6 am, and by 3pm it was done. Didn't use much sand or salt at all.<p>Geoff
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    It is SO strange how the reaction to snow varies by location. John Parker had to deal with 1&quot;, that is what is expected in his location. Up here, if I did anything with 1&quot; of wet snow during the day, especially at this time of year, I'd be looked at as a looney. Nobody worries about 1&quot;! We don't usually do anything on commercial accounts for less than 2&quot;, and no residential until 4&quot;. Nobody expects it and nobody wants to pay for it. Northern Vermont in the winter, you get snow, what's the big deal? Not being critical of you southern guys here, just that it is a whole different world only a few hours south of me.
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    Alan,<p>I feel the same way sometimes. I have plowed at 1&quot; to use less sand/salt mix, but there were a lot of other lots where people did nothing. That was one of biggest things i have learned in this forum, how much more salt is used, how much more they plow in a storm, and the whole concept of zero accumulation. Only up here in Maine, Mainer don't ask for that stuff, i don't know why, but it would make everything safer. I think it might have something to do with the DOT in Maine it isn't uncommon to drive down a road with 3&quot;-6&quot; of snow on it at 6 am. Is it like that in other states or do they plow more often and use more ice melt? Sometimes my private roads and lots get plowed before the public roads. <p>My residental accounts a 3&quot; min, and the pay a price for the season. Commercial and Private roads are my call, and again they are on a contract.<p>I think the areas south of me, have a much more agresive DOT, so private contractors must be more agresive. Only maybe it based on peoples reaction to snow, up here 3&quot; is no big deal only i know in other areas it is. That might be why some areas want to see black top at all times.<p>For you southern guys, i think you guys have a real advantage with your agressive snow and ice management, it gives you a chance to make more money. So don't think i was talking you guys down.<p>Geoff<br>
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    I live in N. jersey, and laughed on my way home from work. We got maybe a inch of wet snow in the higher eleveation, but nothing reall stuck to the roads.<p>On my way home from work, I passed a state truck spreading salt on a clear road, going east at about 3 pm. When I looked west, the sun was out and the clouds were breaking up.<br>Nothing like seeing our hard earn taxed dollars being well spent!
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    I think we do have an advantage in the southern states where our snowfall is 2 to 3 times less than northern new england,and i beleive it is due to 1 thing - perception. In New YORK where we are about 1.5 hours north of NYC,peoples perception is that snow is a very dageriuos and unuasal thing. People around here literally panic when it snows,we get a total snow fall of about 40&quot;.A smart contractor will key on this panic mentallity and use it to his advantage. The word liabilty carries tremendous weight here on commercial accounts.Our biggest commercial account is here in Poughkeepsie N.Y. and is owned by people living in northern Vermont.This is the only property they own that is not north of Boston,it is also not there biggest yet there snow removal on the New York property is the most exspensive.They were amazed that when it snows here people panic more cars on the road,more people in the stores at the hieght of the storm.The perception the public has is that we are going to be snowed in for a couple days because we are getting an inch of snow so lets stock up on food.videos,gas,and any other items so they can survive at home for a week.Low and behold the big storm is only an inch and they know this ,but the perception is an inch,well it might as well be 2 feet. we have had several cars run in to our loaders which are not even being used and our out of the way,but snow down here is a very evil and dangerous thing to New Yorkers who are inconveniance because of it and cant get out to get there coffie late`.Who ever created this perception i would like to thank,but i truly beleive the impatiences of New Yorkers has improved the snow bussiness for us here in southern New York.