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Storm hours?

Discussion in 'SNO-PRO PLOW AND ACCESSORIES by Curtis' started by makplow, Feb 9, 2007.

  1. makplow

    makplow Senior Member
    Messages: 242

    Hi David,

    Could you tell me if the factory outlet on Ballard Street will be open during the storms? I know they where last year. That is a great benifit to buy a curtis in the Worcester area!!

    Thank you,
  2. dbreault

    dbreault Member
    Messages: 55

    They are usually open during most "bigger" storms. I am not sure about tomorrows North Easter coming in because the Owner and his son are in Daytona for the Daytona 500!

    Go Jr! (I used to work for Budweiser). :drinkup:
  3. makplow

    makplow Senior Member
    Messages: 242

    Thanks Dave.