Storm Heading My way


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hooked the plow up last night. storm should hit maryland sometime this evening as snow then change to ice around mid night. Im gonna try somthing new on this on parking lot. Its a night club so no cars are there during the day. Im gonna pre salt it and we'll see how it works. ITS KInda windy so i hope it doesnt just blow away but since there are no cars to knock it away maybe it will work. All be out at first flake. Ill keep u all posted. Any one else in my area (maryland and surrounding states) tell me how ur all doing.
ok im out keep it safe


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Pre-salting that lot may be a good idea. That way when the cars drive all over it, they won't create a difficult to remove hardpack/ice layer. The salt should break down the bond between the snow and the asphalt. That way you'll be able to scrape clean when you plow. That's the same strategy the city municipalities use up here.

Ben W

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Hey Columbiaplower I'm in West Virginia no snow in forcast but ice storms starting about 4P.M. I have pre salted hope it helps.

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