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Cary, IL
I'm not counting on seeing anything here in northern IL until maybe mid-December. We're still getting up into the 60's during the day. Temps are starting to drop though. We got down to the low 30's last night, and only a high in the low 50's for today. I don't see any snow in the near future though.


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Was snowing this morning in Barrie........................................ but nowhere near enough to plow. :(

I expect we'll have "plowable" snow by the end of November though! :)
The gales of November came early round here this morning too, saw some lake effect from Uxbride to Whitby. There was 2" on a few cars I saw but the ground was to warm for it to stick. Interesting, 25 years ago today the storm sunk the Edmunds Fitzgerald.

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Diginahole - funny you mentioned the 'Fitz: last night I was reading a book about the sinking and subsequent investigation. The date they gave for the sinking was Nov 10, 1975 - but the gale warnings were issued on the evening of the 9'th.

In places there was probably 1" - 2" on some of the cars around Barrie, but the ground was just wet.

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This first storm finnally bring `8 inches, and 2-3 inches forecasted this week end for us.

The sad part is that 4 people die in car accident, and a lot of car outside the road.

Why people wait after the first snow to instal winter tire.

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Diginahole - see, never trust a weather forecaster! ;) (I wasn't trying to pick apart your post, I just thought it was an interesting coincidence that you mentioned the Fitzgerald and the night before, I'd been reading about the same thing!)

Denis - every year winter comes a surprise to many people who have lived here all their lives! :confused:

No snow in the forecast around here, which is good - my insurance takes efffect on Nov 15, so anytime after that it can snow all it wants! :D

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