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Storing your speader.. v-box

Discussion in 'Ice Management' started by golfmanres, Jan 16, 2004.

  1. golfmanres

    golfmanres Senior Member
    Messages: 150

    Can you all tell me how your store your v-boxes. I was thinking of building a shead type building and backing into it and lifting it out with come-alongs and hanging it in the air. Of course empty. Just dont know what materials i might need and exactly how to build it. I was going to to put a roof on it to keep the leaves and junk out of it. Any ideas and pictures i would greatly apprciate it.

  2. LI landscaping

    LI landscaping Junior Member
    from NY
    Messages: 21

    Build a wooden stang same height as your truck. Insert lengths of 1 inch galvanized pipe underneath the spreder and simply roll it on and off the truck works slick one man operation
  3. Mick

    Mick PlowSite.com Veteran
    from Maine
    Messages: 5,546

    You can see the one ton pulley I use to hoist the Vbox, then set it on two 4x4s. There is also a front brace you might be able to see. If not, let me know and I'll post a better picture of the front. I've also got pictures of the framework without the spreader if you want.

    ( I guess one of those on the rear is actually a 4x6)

    vbox from side.jpg
  4. karl klein

    karl klein Senior Member
    Messages: 557

    we made a v box dolly out of a used concrete cart from our local home improvment center. we cut the handle down to about 2 feet tall and put a bracket on the other side of the cart. then ran a couple pieces of angle front to back to carry the sander and bolt it down with. i would have to say it works great, you can wheel it around the shop and wash it very easily.
  5. CatDieselPower

    CatDieselPower Junior Member
    Messages: 15

    Where did that cart come from?
    -This is Chris
  6. karl klein

    karl klein Senior Member
    Messages: 557

    that is restricted info
  7. quincy33

    quincy33 Member
    from toronto
    Messages: 55

    I hoist my air-flo slip-in salter with my case and then drive forward and put salter on 2 barrells. Make sure you oil the heck out of it for next year. I forgot to tarp it in my yard last year and some leaves got into it, but i just spun them out when installed. did i mention OILTHE HECK OUT OF IT!!!!!
  8. neversatisfied

    neversatisfied Member
    from ct
    Messages: 73

    A good idea is to wash it real good with soap and water,oil and grease it,and treat the gas,if not drain it.We end up wrapping ares with the rolled cling plastic which u can get at a local hardware store or home improvement stores up to 5-6 feet wide.It seals the sander off real good from the elements,and tough enough to stand up to the rain and keep debry and the rodants out.Come winter unplastic and have a nice fresh clean sander to use.
  9. Dwan

    Dwan Senior Member
    Messages: 879

    Cover it with a tarp but first

    I adjust the chains, change oil, greese fittings, use chain oil on chains, paint inside of hopper, add a stabiliser to the gas, run for a few minutes, remove sparkplug and spray WD40 in cil. turn over once replace plug, and cover for summer then store on top of cantainer out of way so some dummy don't run into it.
    My sanders uasualy last about 10 years.

  10. SCSIndust

    SCSIndust Senior Member
    Messages: 280

    Does anyone every spray their boxes with the used oil, atf, kero mix? I figure it would look bad, but it could lube, and prevent rust. Anyone ever use it?
  11. rainair

    rainair Senior Member
    Messages: 153

    I need a new chain for my v box.. bought used and do not know the manufacture name.. any one know of a supplier in ohio