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Storage and salt


Has anyone ever entertained the idea of renting a storage building(12' x 30') to store bulk salt? How many yards do you think I could put in there? It would have to have a 10' high door don't you think? Or any other bright ideas. I desperately want to be in control of my own salt pile this year, although I need some place to store it. Any ideas people?


Stamford, CT

If you have a good size yard, where you can do the following This is what I recommend, get several mafia blocks( large concrete Blocks (approx. 3' x 4' x 6')
Build a 3 sided enclosure with them up with a machine, then buy a Tall portable potrable gargae and secure to the top of the wall.

make the enclosure deep enough so the salt stay far enough from the entrance to stay dry.

John Allin

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Erie, PA
Oh Mannnnn.....

Now ya gone and used an ethnic slur.... Chuck will be on your case now.....

I'll bet there ain't one body in all those blocks you got laying around.....


Stamford, CT
Hey John, its alright, I'm connected.

Been married to an sweet italian girl for 26 years.

I think that may make me Italian... besides in this area the mason supply companies are named D'Darrio, and Genovese.

What about it , Fuuhget about it !!!!


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We use concrete road dividers they seem to work well and often you can find damaged ones the road departments don't want anymore.They are not able to be stacked but are about 2.5 to 3 ft high, they would work great to put around the inside of a building,I think the are narrower than "mafia" blocks


PlowSite.com Veteran
I built a steel pre fabed building with a 4' cement wall all around the inside. Iside it is divided with thick boards, and backed with 6X6s. To keep the salt aways from the cement and steel walls.