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Stolen Bobcat T-200

Hey everybody,
I realize that most of you won't be able to help, but if anybody comes across a bobcat t-200 w/ an enclosed cab, a bucket, and a 10' avalanche blade all of which are brand new, please try to let me know. It was stolen sometime between now and approx. 8:30 pm February 1st. It was stolen in the Livonia, MI / Northville, MI area. Thanks



2000 Club Member
If I came across it, I'd be awfully tempted to keep it!

Just kidding, hope you find it! A heads up: The T200 is the new model with 4 wheel steer. There are very few out there, a used machine for sale should get your attention.
Actually bought a stolen machine once....

ON ACCIDENT !!! In 1997, I bought a Bobcat 743 for $7500.00 out of the want ad press from a homeowner... Brought the machine home and broke something on it like the next day... so i had to take it to the Bobcat dealer to get it fixed..... when i got back home from dropping off the machine at the dealer... they had called me and told me that the 743 machine was stolen like 5 years ago. The dealer confiscated the machine and called the police and i never saw it again... long story short, myself and the guy i bought from had no clue it was a stolen machine... the fellow i bought it from got it from an AUCTION that was a very shady operation (known for stealing and scamming.) . i ended up getting back $6500.00, and learned a lesson about buying used equip. ;)


Senior Member
I'll keep my eyes open for it
I'm in the Farmington Hills area
and I'll ask around
My brother in-law does landscaping in the area also
I myself have never seen a tracked bobcat here
so it should stand out


thanks Manx...It was stolen out of a parking lot we the do snow in near seven and haggerty. We got it in brand new in november. Funny thing was that I was at the equipment dealer saturday and heard a guy talking about how lo-jack found his stolen low-boy and I was wondering if my boss would think it was worth it to get it for some of our machines.