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Just wondering if anyone out there can list for me the steps taken to treat bulk salt with engineered liquid ice melt enhancers(Caliber M2000, Magic, IceBan, etc.)?

I have the capabilities to stage liquid in a 500 gallon "hydro seeder" tank(not sure if the liquid ice melter will damage internal tank & pump parts??????), and thinking there must be a way that I can reduce overall salt usage by treating my salt, and not to mention improve the speed of snow/ice melt down.

Do you spray 1 yard at a time - then dump in main pile?

Do you spray .........lets say 100 tons at a time, will it flow through entire salt mound? Or do you need to turn it over occasionally?

What would you do????????


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Let's say you want to treat 50 tons. Either get the material on hand first or bring it in as you treat. Multiply tonnage by 8 gallons per ton to get your liquid quantity. In this case you would need 400 gallons.

Spray the pile, or each load as you bring it in, adding that to the complete quantity. Turn it with a loader, pile it up and spread it back out, anything to stir it until you have put the needed quantity of liquid in with the amount of salt you have.

Without a way to stir the pile the liquid will find channels to run down inside the pile and you end up not coating much and have a lot of liquid running out of the bottom of the pile.

If you put on a little too much liquid it will make the bottom of the pile wet as it settles out. Stir that back in as you load out. If you get liquid oozing out of the bottom of the pile you used too much. As the granules in the material get coarser they can hold less liquid. The liquid does not soak in but coats the outside of the particles, finer granules hae more surface area per ton so will hold more liquid.
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