Still shooting blanks!

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by Alan, Dec 9, 2000.

  1. Alan

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    Other than two events that let us shake a little salt we're still shooting blanks up here in Vermont. We had a teaser right before Thanksgiving and another inch or so last Friday. Enough to glaze the pavement, we salted some of our contract accounts and four of our per event ones. Got to try the spreaders, now I'd like the chance to try the plows. Everything worked when we checked it out but how knows where the gremlins may have attacked while we weren't looking. It's damn near enough to make me saddle up three trucks and head over to see John for a day or two just to make sure the bugs are all out. Not to mention that I'm getting very itchy to push ANYTHING!
  2. cutntrim

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    Let us know how the Lobo V-Plow is if you ever get a chance to use it.
  3. OP

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    Got your e-mail about the Lobo, sorry I didn't answer directly. I'll let you know how it works as soon as I have a chance to find out. So much for the heavy winter we were hearing we were due for.
  4. John Allin

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    Bring 'em up... we'll work 'em...
  5. SlimJim Z71

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    Just wait Allan... it's commin!!!