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Still hoping for snow

n y snow pros

Senior Member
It was 80o yesterday and i still have sanders on as our contracts end May 1st.I am truly a dye hard when it comes to winter.I geuss i will now have to succumb to Spring and remove my sanders.Am i the only nut still holding onto winter?


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Albany NY
U still have sanders on!! Put them things away! My contracts ended 2 weeks ago. I got a nice tan....I've been enjoying the sun building houses. Last Thursday it was only 28 degrees when I woke up, it could have snowed:D I do plan to use my plow this weekend though. I'm gonna grade a friends back yard with it.


Western CT
Well my equipment is off and stored. I always keep one sander (the one for my pickup) ready. And I suppose we could put the plows back on quickly. I actually did need the sander last July after a guy in my condo blew his rearend fluid down the drive. We shot up loaded the sander and spread the lot. Next day we swept it up. Kept anyone from sliding into a car at least.