Steering only turns right


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I have an 87 GMC Suburban that was involved in an accident on the front right side. We have replaced the tie rods, steering column and just about everything else except the steering wheel. It will turn to the right. When we turn the wheel to the left, it only goes so far and then makes a squealing noise and the engine starts to rev. I know that there are a lot of things that need to be adjusted, but this is a "symptom" we can't find in the book... Any suggestions?


By "front right side" do you mean looking at it from the front of the truck or in the driver seat (in other words, was it hit on the driver side or passenger side)?

If the hit was on the driver side, check that the steering gearbox wasn't damaged. Also check that it is secured to the frame rail (these trucks like to crack around this area). Check every bit of the steering from the steering wheel all the way to the wheels.

Another possibility (doesn't matter which side)...
I don't know how extensive the damage is, but I bought one that was hit hard enough that the knuckle got some damage. It, like yours, would turn one way, but the power steering would shriek like a cat when you turned the other. The problem was that the damage made it into the ball joints.

One more (rare) possibility- make sure the firewall (where the steering shaft goes through it) didn't get bent. I have seen this cause binding problems- scary at 55 mph.


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Really reaching here but.....

I owned a body shop - towing service for several years and saw many "odd" things on wrecked vehicles.My off the wall suggestion is : busted motor mounts ??? I dont know how hard your 'burban was hit but if it was hit hard enough to bust a motor mount or shift the motor its just possible that yor steering shaft is catching on the power steering hoses preventing it from turning left and also moving the motor just enough to bind the throttle cable. Now this is just pure guess work and has no basis in anything I have seen before ,but its the only thing I can think of that would cause both of your problems.Good luck and I hope this helps


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I like Mudtrukr79's suggestion.. Ive heard of stuff like that.. Only so many things will make the engine rev..


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If the P/S pump is putting out max when your turned to far,some GM's have a switch inline in the P/S pressure hose,it bumps up the idle so it wont stall when you turn it all the way,this could be causing it to rev up if you hold it at full lock.Any chance you have the wrong drag link or its way out if adjustment?