Steering Column for 1980 truck


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I have a 1980 K10 with a fixed steering column (no tilt). I have a column from my old 1976 C10 that is tilt, but with the hole for a column-mounted gear shift (the 1980 is floor mounted gear changer). I have been trying to take the tilt column apart to put on a smooth collar (no hole for a gear shift) but the tilt assembly is a bear to disassemble.

Does anyone know of some car columns ( I assume any 73-87 truck column would work, too) that are interchangeable, including the wiring hookup on the column (I prefer to not splice a different connection on the wires that connect to the column)? There is a pretty good salvage yard close to home where I have found some parts before. Also, I am hoping to not spend the money a new column (like from ididit)would cost.

Any information would be appreciated.


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If it was my truck (unless it was in pristine condition) I would just pop the pin holding the shifter in, remove the gear indicator, and put the column in as is. If you REALLY want it to look original though I would imagine any collar would work from any GM product. They all look the same. Any junkyard (automotive recycling facility) or dealer should be able to tell you for sure. Just call the parts dept. and pretend you are going to buy one and ask questions but don't order it.