State's Snow removal budget used up!!

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Talk about a JOKE...

This was the story in our local paper Friday night. Our state (MASS), has used up 85% of it's snow removal budget so far this season. The amount was $12.5 million + already spent. On WHAT???

The funny part is NONE of the local towns within a 50 mile radius of me have had 1 PLOWABLE event, NONE, NADA. There have been 5-7 sandable events. My friends that plow for the city have NEVER been called out. And my Ford/Fisher haven't pushed snow since last March. Total accum's for Dec are 1.5" of the white stuff.

So WHERE did the $$$$ go?????

Guess somebody had a good Xmas...


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Central CT
Dont fret, they wont run out of dough, they just borrow against other accounts (check the state budget and take a gander at the $$$s in what they call the "contingency" account) then either raise taxes next year or put the toll booths back up along the 'pike.

DaveO Veteran

They NEVER took the toll booth's down in Mass. Matter of fact they increased the rates LARGE to help pay for the "Big Dig".

I was on my "bike" this summer, went from Boston, out to Chicoppee area, and back. Costs me $5 in tolls.
What a rip!!

The contractors for the state will still get paid, but will now take 2-4 months. Good incentive to go out and plow @ 2am on a holiday, EH?


matthew Urban

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Western Mass
Well I can tell you that out here in western mass (exit 1 or 2 off of pike) weve had about 10 sandable events and maybee 2 plowable, so far our biggest snowfall this season was 2.75 inches. Can't wait for this weekend, may see some real snow then.
Geoff, if you see this, where did you see that snowfall total for this weekend?

Somerville MA.

Dave, I have an uncle who plows with his tenwheeler dump and he told me that if a good size storm hits this year that many contractors just arn't going to work for the state, they will just go for private work. The only reason he goes out at all is the good rate he gets 115$ BTW he told me over Christmas that sometimes he gets paid in JULY!!!


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Say what

Am i understanding correctly? I am assuming from other comments that in mass. the state contracts to individuals to do roads. If so is this because of far reaching country roads or what.Here in ohio we have odot for state highways, county for secondary, then tonly the townships contract their own mostly dirt roads to private drivers. Later jammin

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Somerset, NJ
Same here in NJ. State contracts are for 3 year stints. State DOT does all of the salting & most of the plowing is done by the contractors.

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