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State hourly rates???

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by mr hydroseed, Oct 13, 2005.

  1. mr hydroseed

    mr hydroseed Member
    Messages: 53

    I found a class 8 international s2500 dump truck with highway plow and sander for sale. I live on the New Hampshire/Mass border and was wondering what kind of hourly state pay I could expect to get with such a beast? Either state??? Thank you, oh yeah do i need a special license to drive this truck and how difficult is it to get one?
  2. Detroitdan

    Detroitdan PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,937

    Is it a six wheeler? Exeter is looking for 6 wheelers, I think it said they pay $55 for truck w/plow, $65 or truck w/plow and wing. Could probably get at least $65 with the sander, maybe more. All you need to know is if the truck is over 26000 lbs gvwr. If it has airbrakes it probably is over. If it has juice brakes it is probably under, but plan on doing lots of work to the brakes, those metal lines rot off faster than you can replace them. Most S2500s I have driven were over 26000 and had airbrakes. You only would need to get a class B to drive it. Test is easy with a straight truck, study the book (free at DMV). Hardest part is getting a truck to pass their inspection. Best bet is to rent or borrow a new truck, oh yeah, don't forget to bring a CDL driver with you, and medical card too. They are real B#$%-busters, dont go there with an old ratty truck or they WILL give you tickets and tow the truck. I used to drive heavy wrecker and many times went up to the test site and towed away trucks that DOT said wasnt road legal for stupid little stuff.
  3. Oshkosh

    Oshkosh PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,655

    Here Is Mass Highways rates.

    Ignore the second rate that is for Boston(city)plowing.


    EFFECTIVE SEPTEMBER 15 2004 TO MAY 31 2006
    CODE DESCRIPTION 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 SECTIONS 21, 22, 23 & 25

    10000 TRUCK - Pickup, minimum size 3/4 Ton, equipped with 4 wheel drive and power reversible plow $50.00 ------
    minimum 7½' length.
    11000 TRUCK - Small Six Wheeler ( 1Ton)GVW > 8,600 and power reversible plow - minimum 8' length. $64.00
    12000 TRUCK - Large Six Wheeler, equipped with plow - minimum 10' length. $75.00 ------
    13000* TRUCK - Ten Wheeler, equipped with plow - minimum 10' length and mold board over 3'. $92.00 $116.00
    14000* TRUCK - Snowfighter, six or ten wheeler equipped with all wheel drive and plow - minimum 11' length and mold board over 3'. $105.00 $138.00
    15000 GRADER - Minimum size 15 Tons, equipped with under carriage scraper and front plow - minimum 10' length. $105.00 ------

    * All snowfighters and 10 wheel trucks in the District 4 Special Category , when used to apply materials only, shall be paid the appropiate
    Spreader-Plow Combination rate.
    Accessories - To Be Paid When Installed
    00100 A. Power reversing plow on large six wheeler truck and over. $5.00 ------
    00200 B. Wing Plow $10.00 ------
    * Wing plow accessories must be approved by the District Highway Director or his or her designee, excluding wing plow accessories installed before 5/31/04.

    Accessories - To Be Paid When Used
    00050 C. Under Carriage Scraper (Snowfighter Only). $40.00 ------

    ##### A $5/hr premium shall be paid when equipment is used before December 1 (excluding front end loaders and equipment in the miscellaneous category). $5.00 ------

    00070 Hired equipment vendors who submit (1) a signed contract post-marked by October 1, 2004, and (2) a complete contract packet by November 15, 2004, shall be paid a $7/hr premium for equipment used before December 1 or after the last Saturday in March (excluding front end loaders and equipment in the miscellaneous category). To qualify for the 2005-2006 early signing bonus, equipment must be approved again before November 15, 2005. Please note this rate replaces the $5/hr premium listed above. $7.00 -----

    CONDITIONS OF COMPENSATION (Excluding Miscellaneous Category)
    * All wing plow accessories must be approved by the District Highway Director, or his or her designee, excluding wing plow accessories installed and operated before May 31, 2004.
    * Compensated time will begin when the equipment, fully loaded with fuel, arrives at a designated work site.
    * Safety lighting on all hired equipment must meet or exceed the MassHighway minimum requirements as specified in the Equipment Requirements section of this document.
    * All hired equipment shall be utilized and compensated for a minimum of four hours. When the work exceeds four hours, the equipment shall be paid for the actual time worked.
    * Hired equipment vendors making a good faith effort to repair broken-down equipment, shall be compensated up to one hour. If the equipment is be beyond immediate repair, it shall be removed from service after one hour.

    CODE DESCRIPTION ** 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5
    00031 6 - 10 Cubic Yards, Automated Synchronization***, equipped with plow - minimum 10' length. $80.00
    00041 10+ Cubic Yards, Automated Synchronization***, equipped with plow - minimum 10' length. $100.00

    ** Spreader capacity is defined as the water-level capacity of the body, including manufacturer-approved sideboards.

    ***Automated Synchronization is defined as a spreader body hydraulically driven with adjustable controls in the cab, having a conveyor speed capable of dispensing consistently 240 lbs (+/- 10 lbs) of deicing (salt) per lane mile, and having superimposed a device totally automating synchronization of conveyor or auger speed with road speed. These devices are required to be calibrated annually after September 15 and before employment with MassHighway and are subject to inspection at anytime while employed by MassHighway.
    00003 If a spreader-plow combination does not meet the criteria for Automated Synchronization, as defined above, MassHighway shall notify the vehicle operator and shall remove the equipment from service as soon as possible. If the vehicle does not meet the criteria by the next callout, MassHighway shall deduct $25/hr from the above rates until the hired equipment vendor repairs the equipment and presents it to the depot foreperson to confirm its satisfactory repair. ($25.00)

    00002 Add to above rates for spreader-plow combinations with saddle, or other, tanks with a minimum capacity of 150 gallons and an adjustable valve system capable of pre-wetting solid de-icing chemicals with liquid calcium chloride, or other, at a predetermined rate. $10.00

    CODE DESCRIPTION 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5
    60000 Under 2 Cubic Yard Bucket $70.00
    62000 2 Cubic Yard to 4 Cubic Yard Bucket $80.00
    64000 Over 4 Cubic Yard Bucket $100.00

    22222 10 Wheel Dump - Hauling. $60.00
    33333 Trailer Dump - Hauling. $70.00
    44444 Power Sweeper - minimum capacity of 4 Cubic Yards, self propelled front dump type with gutter broom. $75.00
    55555 Catch Basin Cleaner - Hydraulically operated "Clam Shell" bucket. $65.00
    66666 Catch Basin Cleaner - Vactor Type. $130.00
    77777 High Pressure Water Jet Sewer Line Cleaner with minimum of 2 man crew. $130.00

    Daily Rate
    88888 Flashing Arrow Board - Trailer mounted, generator, automatic dimmer (without fuel). $26.00/day
    99999 Portable Changeable Message Board - Trailer mounted, diesel engine alternator power supply, disk matrix message board with computer operator interface (without fuel).



    All Spreader units (including liquid applicators) shall be required to carry plows at all times. The District Highway Director or his or her designee must approve exemptions to this requirement. Plows shall be furnished with steel cutting edges only – no plastic edges, skids or wheels. The District Highway Director or his or her designee may approve rubber cutting edges on a case-by-case basis. The minimum size pickup truck that will be employed by MassHighway is three-quarter (3/4) ton, equipped with 4-wheel drive and power reversible plow minimum, seven and one half (7 ½) length.

    All hired snow and ice equipment, while employed by MassHighway, shall have a minimum of one amber flashing light mounted on the cab roof or highest practical point of the vehicle. Amber flashers must be visible to both oncoming and overtaking traffic and shall have a minimum of 32 candlepower and a flashing frequency of 50 to 60 times per minute.

    Vehicles that have a tare weight of 10,000 pounds or greater shall have a minimum of two additional flashing red lights mounted on either side of the rear assemblage no less than six feet above the roadway and shall have a minimum of 21 candlepower and be no less than six inches in diameter. All vehicle lights must conform to MGL C.90, S.7E and 540 CMR S.22.

    All vehicles having an obstructed view to the rear shall conform to applicable OSHA Regulations (Standards-29 CFR 1926.601-602) pertaining to reverse signal alarms.

    All equipment operators must carry a cell phone while operating snow and ice equipment hired by MassHighway. The hired equipment vendor must provide cell phone numbers to MassHighway personnel at the time of inspection and it shall be the responsibility of the hired equipment vendor to notify MassHighway of any changes.

    At its discretion, MassHighway may issue portable GPS units to hired equipment vendors. If you are selected to receive this equipment, you must execute a GPS agreement detailing the terms and conditions of the operational use and maintenance of this equipment.

    If MassHighway approves your equipment, you will be issued a MassHighway Hired Equipment 2004-2005 Decal. The Decal must be applied to the vehicle so that it is clearly visible form the driver’s side elevation perpendicular to the side of the vehicle. This decal shall not be removed from the vehicle, while employed by MassHighway, during the entire winter season. Failure to comply with the above may result in removal from the snow and ice vendor list.


    Hired equipment must be insured with at least the minimum coverages defined in the Snow & Ice Control Operations Agreement. MassHighway will not allow the use of equipment registered with “Repair” plates, “Dealer” plates or “Farm” plates. “Owner Contractor” plates will only be accepted on rubber-tired backhoes, front-end loaders and road graders used for snow and ice control operations. The registration for the “Owner Contractor” plates must have the same number of plates available as the number of pieces of equipment you are signing up.

    Please be aware that the Federal Highway Administration has regulations that require employers with drivers of commercial vehicles to have an alcohol-testing program in place. The specific provisions of the regulations are highly detailed. MassHighway strongly urges you to review the regulations, which are cited as 49 Code of the Federal Regulations Part 382 (www.fmcsa.dot.gov/rulesregs/fmcsr/regs/382.htm).


    MassHighway shall use the Snow and Ice Payment Voucher ( or equivalent) for paying hired equipment vendors during the 2004-2005 and 2005-2006 winter seasons. The pre-printed payment voucher (or equivalent) contains the bi-weekly time sheet. The hired equipment vendor or an authorized representative of his or her company shall verify and sign the Snow and Ice Payment Voucher ( or equivalent) at the assigned Depot. Payment vouchers( or equivalent), must be signed promptly on the Monday following the end of the bi-weekly payment period. In the event of a Monday Holiday, payment vouchers ( or equivalent) may be signed on the following Tuesday. Please check with your depot foreperson for available times. MassHighway will not accept omitted Snow and Ice Payment Vouchers ( or equivalent). It is the hired equipment vendor’s responsibility to ensure that all information on the payment voucher ( or equivalent) is correct. A copy of the payment voucher ( or equivalent) shall be given to you for your records at the time of signature and the remaining copies will be submitted by MassHighway personnel to the District Headquarters for processing.

    MassHighway will continue to use the handwritten time log system to generate payment vouchers throughout the 2004-2005 winter season. Beginning September 1, 2005, MassHighway reserves the option to use GPS data to determine payment for the operation of snow and ice equipment. For the term of this agreement, MassHighway shall provide the vendor with a printed bi-weekly summary of hours worked to be signed and agreed to by the vendor.