State DOT Cops cracken down on COM Trucks

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Ok, Guys.

Federal Regulations say any truck with a GVW over 10K is a commercial vehicle. The Federal Goverment has been telling states to crack down on trucks 10K to 26K. The trucks over 26K have been the focus of the commercial vehicle police for years. However with a tight labor market, and good drivers in higher demand then ever before. Many companys are running under cdl trucks in the 10K to 26K range. Then they run the trucks at the max payload if not a little above. Well the police are cracken down.

So even if your truck is a non cdl truck make sure that if it is over 10K GVW you have the following:

Spare fues
3 Triangles
Fire Extinguisher.

If ya have a pre trip inspection form you will be golden.

In Ontario, safety blitz's with "co-operating agencies" are the newest thing:

Police to check for drinking driving, licenses, etc,
Transportation mechanics to check mechanical fitness, etc,
Environment guys to give you a sniff,
Federal transportation of Dangerous goods fellows,
Fisheries guys to check for fish, firearms and all things dead, and
Revenuers, checking on red fuel.

Quite a guantlet to run through for a weekend fishing trip. All sportsmen were the targets recently, so anyone with a boat, canoe, RV trailer etc. The gave the 10,000 + lbs a break and checked the lighter vehicles.


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They should be focusing in on the ryder trucks or week end worriors that rent those low profile trucks and over load or load improperly .And a commecial truck should be equiped with emergency items such as a fire extingisher,first aid kit wheel chocks and tri angles.

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The DOT has been cracking down here for years now.I see 1 ton dump trucks,and the cab-over imports in the 14-17K GVWR pulled over all the time,and on the scales here.The DOT guys sit by intersections on side roads,and stand right at the toll booths,if you have anything wrong,to give them probable cause-they wave you over,and they have the scales set up right there.I run 3/4 ton single wheels to avoid them,and air lift bags,so when I am overloaded,it looks like Im not,since it still sits level with 4K in the bed.This keeps the State police from having probable cause to pull me over.Remember,if there is nothing wrong with your truck,and its not visibly overloaded, or a danger on the road,then the police cant pull you over for no reason.

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I guess in Maine, if the Commercial Vehicle Police, set a inspection point. They can inspect any truck with a commercial plate.

I have had one of my Rangers in the same inspection center as my L 9000.



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If the police want to break your stones, they're going to any way. I got a ticket in a speed trap, doing 50 in a 55 I had just come off the entrance ramp, I hardly had my foot on the gas, I got a ticket for my truck being to loud. I wasn't speeding, the load was tied down good, but i still got pulled over. At the end of the month when they need t omake their quota they do just about what ever they want. My partner got pulled over pulling out of mobil because he didn't have a seat belt on, I should just mail a donation every month :mad:

I see pickups towing skid steers, mini escavators pulled over constantly. There are just certain towns around here you have to avoid because they try to pull over every truck that passes through.
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Another favorite is during leaf season, the trucks that have the loaders mounted onto the snow plow frames get pulled over. At one time the state police were sitting at the end of the exit ramp near the place the leaves were dumped and ticketed every truck setup that way. They claimed that much 'gear' in front of the bumper is illegal / unsafe. Just as the snow plow frames are all detachable now so that when they are not in use there is minimal hardware in front of the bumper.


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I live in the Iowa DOT head quarters home town and we are harrassed on a regular basis. We get all the newbees out polishing there badges,its a pain.Because of this we keep our trucks as close to spec as we can using them everyday like we do. We just bought 4 more 4 and 6 axle dumps that were owned by a local trucking company,it was sad, it took three weeks to get everthing so that each truck had all its lights and proper items in the cab so they would pass our yearly inspection.

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