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Yardley, PA.
First let me say that I did do some searches first.
Now, I just got started in lawn maintenance this season. For the winter I'd like to offer snow removal for my lawn maintenance clients.
These are relatively small properties with small driveways and walkways/sidewalks.

For various reasons (including the smallness of the properties) a plow on my truck is out.
I was thinking a snowblower. But I have no idea how you charge for this service?.

Also, since I just started this season, I don't have all that many accounts. I saw alot of talk about subcontracting when I used the search. How could I go about hooking up with some plow companies to handle thier smaller jobs with my snowblower?

I look forward to hearing your input. Thanks.

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You can use the same pricing method you use in pricing your lawns for using the snowblower. Figure in your overhead, equipment costs, fuel, drive time, etc, and then figure in what your labor is worth to you. I still would suggest a small plow, but your the boss!

As far as networking, try drawing up a letter and sending it to a couple of other contractors that may work something out where you may be usinmg their plow services and they may want to use your snowblowing service for sidewalk clearing. A lot of places would probobly love to get rid of the hassle that your asking to take on!

Be careful and think this through good before making any decisions.


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Just look in the yellow pages, most plow outfits will be more than happy to sub out their sidewalks. In fact there has even been some talk that doing just walks is a good niche market.

Western Michigan
I can't imagine not beng able to plow any driveway, if its big enough for a car or two, with my half ton short box. A Ranger or s-10 with a 6.5 would be even easier.

If startup cost is the issue then that is understandable, but don't rule out a plow because of size of the drive.

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Jonathan, I responded to your other thread by recommending a snowblower and speader. I made the mistake of thinking I could plow my daughter's driveway in town. It is about 75 feet long, one car width, starts at the street and is lined with bushes to her garage. Since I couldn't plow across the street and couldn't get the snow over the bushes, I could only push straight toward the garage. Even though the drive widened to two car widths with an opening to the yard, there wasn't room to maneuver so the snow got piled in front of her garage. Her boyfriend had to use the blower on it. With a snowblower, you just aim and go. Then I figured out why everybody around there was using snowblowers. I'd suggest at least an 8hp.

One more reason I'm glad I don't live in town - I get to push snow from a warm truck cab.

Good Luck

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