Stand-On Blower for blowing snow


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Hi Guys,
Is anyone using a Scag Windstorm, Ferris Hurricane, Toro Multi Force Debris Blower, etc for blowing commercial sidewalks on 1" or less events?

If so, what can you tell me? Is it worth the investment? I have a few city blocks of sidewalks to do. Just walking it with a backpack on is tiring.

We have ride-on units for larger events, just looking for speeding up the dustings.

Let me know



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We were demoing a Scag for fall work and happened to get some cold smoke that night. It worked ok. Clears the snow good because the nozzle is close to the ground but you basically have to drive on the side to get the nozzle to angle enough to blow it off the path not just forward. It was one of the first storms so it wasn't a problem but if you had windrows form plowing I would think it would get annoying. You also you get completely coved in snow, more so than using backpacks.

I like running power brooms for small events, but don't know if you could get one for any of your equipment.

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