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stand help please

Discussion in 'Western Plows Discussion' started by S&SSNOW, Jan 18, 2009.

  1. S&SSNOW

    S&SSNOW Junior Member
    Messages: 6

    ok the plow is a 8ft uni mount and the truck is a 97 gmc 1500. i got the plow with out the stand. so i went and bought one and cant find a good pic as to how the darn things goes on and works. i have the bolt in the slotted hole. then it looks like i need a big pin for the top and that same pin may hold it while i am driving too??? what is the small fat pin for? please give any info and pics if avail.
    thanks, justin
  2. S&SSNOW

    S&SSNOW Junior Member
    Messages: 6

    come on anyone i know yall take ur plows off and must use ur stands!
  3. Mebes

    Mebes Senior Member
    Messages: 451

    Go to page PDF page 14 (which is actually page 11 of the document) and look at the pictures.

    Step 4 is important!

    If you do not put the pin in the correct hole as shown you will bend the foot when you stack snow. (probably why it was removed/damaged in the first place)
    Good luck
  4. S&SSNOW

    S&SSNOW Junior Member
    Messages: 6

    thanks Mebes! i got that much i was on there looking at that yesterday but the main part i dont get is that lock pin what is the lil tat for? it just makes no sense! that is y it was removed i had to cut the guy said he bent it the first time using it. when i do put the stand like the pic shows its a ways away from the ground... does anyone have a real pic of this stand working on thier plow? or are they more hassle than there worth? my last plow i didnt use it cause the truck was lifted and i had to make my own.
  5. festerw

    festerw Senior Member
    Messages: 986


    That has the exploded view of the assembly, IMO the stands on the Unimounts are pretty much worthless you'd be better off either using a floor jack or stacking up a few pieces of wood to let it sit on.
  6. Crash935

    Crash935 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,377

    With the plow removed the long pin goes through the 2 tabs under the pump, the short pin goes in the hole on the brackets down on the A frame right behind the bolt for the stand. The bolt with the tube spacer should be in the slotted hole. When you go to take the plow off put the long pin in a hole of the stand that puts it colosets to the ground, remove your link arms, by pushing or pulling on the head gear you can help take the weight off the large pins for removal, once all the pins are remvoed you can again push or pull on the headgear until the hole in the stand lines up with the holes in the brackets on the a frame and then insert the short pin.
  7. no lead

    no lead PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,308

    its just that easy!
  8. got-h2o

    got-h2o 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,440

    I hate the jack stands. Waste of time IMHO. To those that will claim I don't know how to use them or don't take advantage of how they work, not true. I load and unload countless Unimounts throughout the season. Nothing works better than a block of wood and a floor jack. I throw those dumb jackstands in the garbage.
  9. zags

    zags Member
    Messages: 34

    I'm a big fan of blocks of wood and a long pry bar. I probably take the plow off at least once week since I need to travel an hour back and forth on the xpressway twice a week in my other job. Everyone told me they were junk, even my parts dealers. But hey, mybe it will work for you.
  10. got-h2o

    got-h2o 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,440

    Forgot to add, yes a prybar works wonders! I always have an old torsion bar nearvy, plenty of leverage and works perfectly. Inface, a couple of my trucks have them too, just incase.
  11. Mebes

    Mebes Senior Member
    Messages: 451

    This is from memory, so please forgive me if I give you bad info.
    The lock pin has no use other than holding the foot in the storage position.

    There are 2 problems to watch out for when using the unimount foot system.
    1. The stand pin falls out when plowing, and you can't find it when you need to take the blade off the truck. (I just kept a screwdriver in the glove box and used that if it was MIA)
    2. The stand pin hole that you use for dismounting/mounting the plow on the lift frame looks like a better place to store the pin in, instead of the correct location on the Plow A-frame (as shown in the instructions)------->Don't do this<---------
    When you stack snow the plows A-frame moves up into this area and the pin bends the foot.
    Sorry I don't have any Pic's. It has been about 5 years since I moved to the ultra-mount system.
  12. S&SSNOW

    S&SSNOW Junior Member
    Messages: 6

    THANKS FOR YOUR HELP! i had that issue with my mvp plow it always fell out so i put in in the light bar spot and it bent it to pieces!! i think thats what happened to this one the guy did the same. i just need to get the collar and the goofy looking pin. and i will be set i hope what is the lil ear on the fat small pin for?
  13. Mebes

    Mebes Senior Member
    Messages: 451

    I'm guessing that the ear that you are talking about is the part pictured on the right of the pin in the document that I told you to look at.
    It is a retainer pin (like a cotter pin) that holds the "lock pin" in place.
    You slip it in the hole in the "lock pin" and flip it over to keep the "lock pin" from falling out.