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SS Xtreme V first snow-not happy

Discussion in 'Fisher Engineering Discussion' started by f350bob, Dec 16, 2013.

  1. f350bob

    f350bob Junior Member
    Messages: 23

    Hi all, hate to vent but my 1yr old SS Vplow is not the greatest for plowing over 12" of snow. Got this last year but we had no real snow, got to use her this weekend and it's the worst for sliding snow to one side doing my parking lot. I can only use 1/3 of the plow per run, any more and its stuck in the center and blowing off the wrong side, takes forever to do my 40 car lot. This is my 3rd Fisher, first was a straight blade then a 2003 V, now the Stainless. Any idea's or is this just a matter of fact with the stainless not letting the snow slide.
  2. BUFF

    BUFF PlowSite Fanatic
    from FR NoCo
    Messages: 9,092

    There's a sponsor on here call Plowslick http://plowslick.com/ , there's a thread going on it ( search for it ) and several guys have used it with good results.
  3. SnowGuy73

    SnowGuy73 PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 24,870

    Ya, works well!
  4. ChevKid03

    ChevKid03 Senior Member
    Messages: 505

    I don't get it.... If your looking to windrow this lot what makes the V blade any different. What size blade you talking?.if you angle the blade to the right or left all the way it's no different than a straight blade. Am I wrong?
  5. BUFF

    BUFF PlowSite Fanatic
    from FR NoCo
    Messages: 9,092

    The center Hinge Pin protrudes the radius of the mold board which will catch/hang up wet snow. Also SS in it natural form has a rougher surface finsh than a painted surface allow for snow to stick and eventually build up on.

  6. f350bob

    f350bob Junior Member
    Messages: 23

    thanks Buff for the info will check this out. The center pin seems to really hang alot of snow compared to my old yellow V. I heard about some "wax" for these so I'll have to get some. thanks again bob
  7. grandview

    grandview PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 14,609

    When your backing up ,give the wing a wiggle and it should knock the snow off.12 inches of snow,your going to have some over flow. Put the plow in a dogleg and take full bites ,Then just back over to cleanup the dribbles.
  8. jb1390

    jb1390 Senior Member
    Messages: 710

    This technique works well, especially if you need to move snow all the way across a lot. Be careful though if it is wet snow and the temperatures have dropped, once you expose the wet snow on the bottom to the cold air, it can harden up very quickly, and become next to impossible to scrape without a machine.
  9. f350bob

    f350bob Junior Member
    Messages: 23

    jb1390 thanks will try this out the next storm, and thanks grandview also. bob ps got some plowslick on order....
  10. ChevKid03

    ChevKid03 Senior Member
    Messages: 505

    Didn't realize that it effected it. Hope the "dogleg" technique works out for you. The V-plow seems to take some getting used to as I just purchased my first one and am still learning. GoodLuck!
  11. harddock

    harddock Member
    from mass
    Messages: 67

    Fisher had a saying on the older plows that said " Always Plow With The Storm". Waiting and pushing 12" of snow across a lot will give you some spill off unless you do it in a slight curve pattern. What I would do is straight blade across the lot and then with the blade in a "V" scoop the windrows.
  12. 07PSDCREW

    07PSDCREW Senior Member
    Messages: 873

    I just got my XV and I have a fairly large lot to do. The dogleg technique worked well for 10-11" of snow for me. I would do two runs down at 1/2-3/4 blade in dogleg, then go back and scoop the two windrows together. Then go back for two more doglegs... That system worked well and I had the lot cleared a lot faster than I did with the straight blade I had before..
  13. peteo1

    peteo1 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,660

    Has a lot more to do with not keeping up with the storm and having to plow 12" of snow than it does with the plow itself. When its deep try making a few passes in scoop mode to lessen the amount of snow you're trying to windrow
  14. JCByrd24

    JCByrd24 Senior Member
    from Maine
    Messages: 232

    Find a buddy with an old 7.5' meyer that's only 28" tall or whatever they are (like mine) and plow with that next time you have 12" and then see how you like your new V! haha!

    Seriously though, when you have 12" in a lot I would also imagine the best thing for that V is straight or slight V and go at it a full width at a time and just see how much you get to the other side. Depending on conditions you'll either get the pusher effect of so much snow in front of the blade you run out of traction or excess coming up over the blade, or a full push all the way to the end. Either way you're at max capacity each pass. If you try to keep wind-rowing that to one side the whole lot you'll soon be in the situation you describe and be trying to move more snow with each pass, while having pushed very little to the edge/pile with each pass.
  15. f350bob

    f350bob Junior Member
    Messages: 23

    thanks guys for the ideas, I've been doing this lot with 3 different plows for over 13 yrs and this time it seemed took longer with the Stainless Steel blade than my old yellow blade. I usually just start on one side and windrow too the left but I'll take your advice and take full cuts in the center then scoop the rest. Can't wait till the storm with "plowslick" applied. cheers bob