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John Allin

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There is really only one contractor in the country that I know of who is (successfully and consistently) pricing in the fashion you describe. And he won't share how he does it. I've tried to get him to 'give it up'. No dice.

Most do it the old fashioned way..... unless they are still pricing per hour per truck.


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I've toyed with square foot pricing, but it is very difficult. You must have a detailed formula that encompasses all the differences at each property. Let's say a pretty open "retail" parking lot of 25,000 square feet. Priced at .15 per square foot would cost $3750 per season. If you were doing walks and had painful dumpsters to plow or shovel around you could increase to .17. But, try to price out a Sam's at .17 per square foot. I do not think you would be successful in getting that bid. And if you priced out a small parking lot of 10000 square feet, would $1500 be enough to cover your costs? I do measure every parking lot to simply get a "standard" from which I can compare to other lots that I have done on a regular basis for years. This way I can compare and then price it accordingly to ensure a profit.

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