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I have 3 spreaders for sale this winter.
2000 Downeasterner steel 1.5 yd v box with 10.5 hp B&S engine. Very nice unit no rust, runs great, in cab controls $ 2200.00 BO

1990 Airflow steel spreader, good condition, in cab controls, minor rust, 8.5 B&S engine runs good, top screens $ 1000.00 BO

1999 Airflow MSS stainless steel 2 stage tailgate unit. Like new, used 6x, not used last season. $ 1400.00 BO

I keep all equipment in good condition, and they are serviced regularly. I am looking to upgrade this season, and would like to clear out some old hardware. I also know of a 2000 fisher 8.5 v plow for sale in my area for 2500.00 if anyone is interested. Came off a 01 Dodge 2500. Call 860-608-1842

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