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Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by Jeffrey Abrams, Oct 24, 2004.

  1. Jeffrey Abrams

    Jeffrey Abrams Junior Member
    Messages: 5

    Can anyone tell me where to look for a walk behind spreader? Currently I use a grass seed spreader- it do not work too well. Thanks PS I need the spreader to use for salting of driveways and sidewalks.
  2. cet

    cet PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 7,257

    If you buy one of the expensive walk behind fertilizer spreaders with the rubber tires they work great. We have used one for years. They seem to spread only bag salt thought. Open it wide up, if it clogs just shake it as you walk.
  3. snoluvr

    snoluvr Senior Member
    from RI
    Messages: 266

    I offer Peladow spreaders, from Dow. They offer air filler tires, side deflector shute for spreading along walks, and a snap on plastic cover to keep the product dry and let you see how much is left.You can PM me, or email me at ahairkem@aol.com if you would like more info
  4. snoluvr

    snoluvr Senior Member
    from RI
    Messages: 266


    I just received this years pricing from Dow..I am offering the Peldow spreaders with air filled tires and cover for $182.00. This is a discounted price for Plowsite members only. Normal price is $206.95...Again email with have to do, while the PM are not working.think SNOW!!!
  5. jsydow

    jsydow Junior Member
    Messages: 11

    Commercial broadcast spreader

    I just got a call & a flyer from my snow plow dealer. Meyer is selling a walk behind broadcast spreader made out of stainless steel and polypropylene. It has a 70# hopper capicty. It has a special deflector for side walks & can spread up to 12 feet. It is called the "Hot Shot". If you go to www.meyerproducts.com & go to new products they have pictures of it. They run around $300 to $400 which is well worth if it. The one I am currently using is rusting out from 1 season. I am going to buy the $400 one after we get a couple of snows here.
  6. snoluvr

    snoluvr Senior Member
    from RI
    Messages: 266

    That is pretty much the same as I have. I do still have about 9 in stock if anyone needs them.

    CARDOCTOR PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,312

    just purchased the spreader meyer makes
    comes with a stainless deflector for doing side walks $159.99