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We got a Spreadator last fall. The Briggs seems to start ok, just go light on the choke. Ours had a stuck float the first time out of the barn and loaded the engine with fuel, to the point of liquid lock. It didn't come with a fuel shutoff, it has one now!

Couple points to complain about though. The first being that the drivetrain is not geared slow enough for my liking. We run almost all straight salt and it was about impossible to keep application rates low enough. If you were in big lots it was OK, but for most of our sites we had to run it at a very low idle and shut the feed door as far as possible. With the door shut that far we found that coarse salt would jam between the bars on the drag chain and the feed door. Bent door and bent bars. Also, doing multiple sites and repeatedly starting the engine, the idling engine could not provide enough current to keep the tiny battery charged.

I ended up changing sprockets (quite the project) to get lower gearing so I could run the engine up a little. Now I can open the door a bit and get away from that hassle. Spread width is a bit less also, which is not a problem, it covered 20' at slow idle before.

If you run sand it's fine as it is, and it will lay down a serious swath with the door open about an inch from bottom. We don't run much sand, so that was really no benefit as most of our sanding is on residential drives where anything over 10-12' just ends up in the bank anyhow.


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northeastern WI.
Alan, thanks for your input.
i will be purchasing a spreadator on friday.
i'm shur my first few times with it will include a learning curve.
i have not decided if i will use salt or salt sand mix in the unit.
i like the idea of salt or magic salt... one benefit being no clean up in the spring and customers buildings staying cleaner in the winter season.

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