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spool valve removal on control valve body

Discussion in 'Truck & Equipment Repair' started by ebfekete, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. ebfekete

    ebfekete Junior Member
    Messages: 2

    I'm trying to replace the seals on the spool valves of my control valve in a old belt driven plow setup, since they ooze fluid. One spool valve pulled out no problem, the other is not coming out, and I didn't want to put too much force on it. It is the side w/ the check valve. Is there some trick involved here?


  2. ebfekete

    ebfekete Junior Member
    Messages: 2

    nevermind, I figured it out. Have to take check valve assembly out - nut, spring, ball, etc., to allow spool to be removed from body.