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speedwing attack angle

Discussion in 'Blizzard Plows Discussion' started by blizzardsnow, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. blizzardsnow

    blizzardsnow Member
    Messages: 83

    So I finally replaced the cutting edge on my 860 speedwing. And now the outer edges of the wings are the only part touching the ground which leaves a 7/16" gap at the center moldboard.... I have done nothing to change the hitch height (tires, timbrens, torsion bars) from my
    last (and original) cutting edge. Do I have to just wear down the corners or what? And yes. It is a little better with 3000lb of salt in the Vbox but not good enough.
  2. bliz&hinikerDLR

    bliz&hinikerDLR Senior Member
    Messages: 553

    Hmmm ... wings touching first would mean that the truck is sitting too high or that the moldboard is tipped forward. I wouldn't think that salt in the spreader would not help things. Usually more weight will bring the front of the truck up. Couple things to check to start with.
    1) Check that there is nothing jammed between the moldboard (blade) and the pivot beam (black iron that trip springs are attached to)
    2) Make sure that the shoes (if you have them on) aren't set too low.
    You might also try loosening the bolts on the wing CE's and then lowering the plow to the ground befor you retighten them.
  3. bliz&hinikerDLR

    bliz&hinikerDLR Senior Member
    Messages: 553

    Sorry, that should read "I would not think that salt in the spreader would help things"
  4. blizzardsnow

    blizzardsnow Member
    Messages: 83

    A yard and a half in the spreader definitely makes the angle better, but not good enough. The shoes are all the way up, I'll check the pivot beam for debris first thing in morning. Thanks.
  5. fireside

    fireside Senior Member
    Messages: 726

    Check your push beam height my though is your over 12.5".If you go down one hole it should be all set if not. You will need to pay with beam height to make it run correct due to wear in the blade and your truck. My speedwing runs a 14" OC on new edges than it will get moved down as they wear to get full wear out of them. Seems like alot of work but for what they cost it's time well spent.
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2012
  6. blizzardsnow

    blizzardsnow Member
    Messages: 83


    I thoroughly examined all mechanisms of plow and the mount itself, everything looks normal for a 5 year old plow. Beam height is 12 - 3/4", which is pretty close to perfect. I loosened wing edges and dropped plow, then retightened and that helped tremendously. But then saw that the moldboard corners that actually are slipped behind behind the wings in scoop mode were actually touching the ground as well (center of moldboard isn't). The moldboard is (slightly) bent. North and south, not east and west. OEM cutting edges. Oh well, the corners will just have to wear off. Storm coming.
  7. Arcticstorm

    Arcticstorm Junior Member
    Messages: 2

    You did change the center wear bar when you changed the wings right? Assuming yes, I would check that they gave you the correct one for your age plow.