Speedometer Cable On 86 F-350


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I recently bought a 1986 F-350 4x4 with 351 and automatic trans. for 300.00. This came with a Meyer Plow in working order. The reason I got it so cheap was the axle seals were leaking like sives. The speedometer cable/odometer is disconnected or broken. (More likely disconnected) I can see it is connected behind the gage, but where does it connect in the trans. I cant seem to locate the other end.


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intimidator's right, there's a 1/4 bolt holding a clamp to the top of the transfer case. On my older truck this bolt loosened which allowed the cable to back out of position and the speedo wouldn't work. There's a plastic gear on the end of the cable that wore out because of this, it's replacable.

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