Speed Limit while plowing?

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by Greenman2ooo, Oct 24, 2000.

  1. Greenman2ooo

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    I was wondering how fast you will plow with a full size pickup? I've heard 10 miles per hour, max. and I've heard higher. What do your companies policies say regarding plowing speed?
  2. diggerman

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    Plowing airport runways I've hit 50mph before, 55mph is lift off speed for a pickup and Boss, and since I don't have my pilots license current, thats as fast as I can go

    Alot depends on location,bigger parking lots can allow for speeds of 25mph,apt. lots 5mph can be the max it all really dependson what the conditions are what the driver is comfortable with.This is an issue that is a good example of why competent drivers are so important,because you are not always there and you are asking them to use your equipment safley and properly and that means the proper speed for the location.Actually setting a speed means on some places drivers will be dogging it and on others they will running at the set max. I always tell my drivers to be gentle if the truck breaks down and isn't repairable they'll be going home and theres no pay when there at home.
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    i would do no more than 20mph on roads and that is fast. Just think if your were ti hit a manhole cover that was rased would kill a small truck unless you run macks or loaders.
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    Just from a common sense standpoint, I have to agree with both of you. I can't imagine going 15 mph through some of the small, adjoining 6 flat lots, but open lots that are empty, 15-20 doesn't seem like it would be out of hand. Common sense would tell you to slow way down as you approach the snow bank, curb, or other obstacles.

    Obviously, the first few times out would be slower so as to know what obstacles are hidden beneath the snow, and slow down for them. Manholes aren't marked with red flags, so I realize there are many obstacles that could be encountered and slamming into something, even at 10 miles per hour should be avoided. :)

    I just thought 10 mph was slow when I was imagining being in a wide open space. .

    I guess good judgement is the key here, rather than hard and fast rules.
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    I try to go by what the plow says is max.

    Diamond 20 MPH , pretty easy to stay under

    Fisher Except for MC series 5 MPH most of the time we are over that. The MC is good till 20 MPH easy to stay under.

  6. thelawnguy

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    I usually top out ~10 forward, 30+ reverse ;)
  7. diggerman

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    Let me clarify my statement a little more, the large lots and long drives where we are achiving max speed are places we have done and know that there are no obstical issues.Plowing at more than 6mph to 10 mph in unknown areas shows a driver is not taking proper care,unless its me and I do what I want because I have to fix it if I break it.
  8. Alan

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    Is it possible that plowing too SLOW canm be bad for the truck? We've got a guy here who plows like an old woman,, maybe walking speed. He's running a GM 2500 with a dump insert and a vee box inside that. He also has a LOT of tranny trouble. I kinda wonder if he's not getting enough revs to lock the transmission up good and solid.
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    I wouldn't keep the turtle on my payroll if he worked for free. Do you know how much that guy is costing you?

    Our company speed limit is "as fast as you can go"!!!
    I've done 30 mph in large lots that I know well. That's a real high. You can finish a $150 lot in less than an hour. I love this business!
  10. Alan

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    He doesn't work for me!

    Sorry, I re-read my post and it DID kinda sound like the turtlke worked for me. No way! He's just another plow contractor in the area. Anybody working for me damn well better be MOVING when he's on the clock.
  11. Snow Pro

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    I'm glad you clarified that. Let's let our competitors hire all the turtles.

    Actually, I hired one guy last winter who admitted he was real slow because he was a perfectionist. He didn't want me to pay him by the hour because he didn't want to be pressured. That's OK. I like our guys to do a good job. He was using his own truck so I paid him by the job. About half of what we got paid for it. He was happy and so was I. Doing it that way is win-win.