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    I am considering purchasing an 08 2500HD. I believe that it will be Xcab short box but the size of the truck will be driven by its plow duties. It will likely be the first gas truck I have purchased in my life. I will put a plow on the front of it. My questions are what options are needed for pushing snow? Plow prep? extra alt.? Is the long box considerably more difficult to push with than a short box? It will also pull smaller equipment trailers and have a bulk fuel tank in the back and serve as a work truck during the excavation months. If the consensus is that a long box is fine I will likely go with a 3500 otherwise I will have to go with 2500 as GM refuses to build a short box 3500. Also what kind of MPG are guys seeing with the 6 speed 6 liters?
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    get the plow prep otherwise GM won't warranty w/ the plow on the truck. Plow prep comes w/ a bigger alternator, mine is 160AMP I believe. As for the length, I have a reg cab long bed, so that would be about the size of and xcab short bed I believe. Plowing is pretty easy w/ it. I also have the same tranny and can get decent mileage driving around city/highway. Averaged 13mpg when I first got the truck, haven't check since. Should be better since the truck is broken in. The tranny can be annoying however at times. It seems to hunt for gears sometimes, like it can't make up its mind since the ratios are so close together, that's only in low speed scenarios though like when you are slowing down and then accelerate.
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    Plow prep would be a good thing to have if your getting a gas truck, you dont need the plow prep if you go the diesel route because diesel trucks have most of the the plow prep options. I think you would get used to plowing with a ext. cab 8 ft bed, thats what my next truck is gonna be. If you are putting a diesel tank in the bed I would buy a 8 ft bed without a doubt. All my buddies have ext. cab short beds with tool boxes and they are always crying because they dont have much bed space left so they are all gonna be buying 8ft beds next time. From what I heard on here the 6spd 6.0s arent doing much better than the 01-07 6.0s. maybe 1-2mpgs more on the highway because the extra gear.
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    Another thing I Thought of was the small fuel tanks in the short beds. Short beds hold 26 gallons and long beds hold 36. You do excavating and im assuming you drive quite a bit. Having a 26 gallon tank in a short bed would get old real quick IMO, especially in a gasser. Just another reason to get a long bed.
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    If you get the plow prep you can get optional dual alternators and dual batteries. The plow prep also comes with the pre-wired beacon light switch. What is the majority of your plowing going to be? If your doing parking lots, definitely get the long bed. More I think about it, get the long bed anyway. I wish I did and I will be next time around. As for mileage, I'm seeing an average of 10.5 but mind you I am running 285's for tires and have the 4.10's. Good luck with whatever you get.
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    Commercial parking lots primarily. I was thinking of going with 3:73s instead of 4:10s. I will likely leave the stock tires on it. I was hoping to get mileage in the 15/16 range. My Dmax trucks are not getting any better than that. I am glad to hear that the long bed wont be an issue. I will likely go extra cab 3500 long box.
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    I don't know what 6.0L you guys are driving from GM, but I have owned three different ones all with plows and I have never seen anymore than 9mpg's. Full,empty, with a trailer or not and even plowing or with the plow in the garage it was always the same--not enough. Get the long bed there's no sense on buying a short box truck, it's meant to haul and six feet of bed doesn't cut it.