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This happened about a month ago. The truck in question is about an 86 GMC single axle dumptruck. 427 gas engine and a 5 speed trans witha 2-speed rear. It's refered to as "the 10 ton", but I'm not sure exactly what the GVW is. I loaded it with probably 10 tons, or maybe a bit more. It was being used on site, not on any public road.

The driver was on his 2nd load *ever* driving the truck. He's a good guy with a generally good attitude, but no CDL and no experience on anything bigger than a 1 ton dump. They'd like for him to get some experience and get the CDL.

He had to back up a slight incline to the dumping spot. He's not clear on exactly what he did wrong, but we figure that he must have gotten a little misaligned, or lost traction, or whatever, but he stopped on the incline. As he tried to start moving again we guess he got up some RPMs but the truck started rolling forward. Either he popped the clutch, or his foot just plain slipped--it was a muddy feet kind of day.

The shaft shortend itself enough that it came apart at the carrier bearing. This is the front section. The driveshaft repair itself cost $420 give or take a few pennies. The truck's only gone a few miles more since this happened. Friday afternoon the rear end blew....


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That makes me think back when (1975) I had a 1972 CJ-5, I put a 427 BB in it & wow it was fast & powerfull. Twisted 2 driveshafts & tore out 2 complete dana rear ends in 1 summer. Then I put in custom-made driveshafts & custom-made narrowed rearend. Life was great :p , untill the cops pulled me over every other week for something, pulling wheelies, drag racing, they even impounded it for a month once.

My dad said enough so I started taking it to the 4x4 races but I couldn't run with the BIG BOYS as they were running 426 Hemies & 454's with nitro. :(

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