sparkless in Altoona


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Central Pa.
My '85 chevy came with a diesel. Someone put in a '82 350. It developed a miss. I changed out the cap, rotor, and plugs, as naturally I would. Now I have no spark. I have since changed out the coil, module, pick-up coil and wires and still no spark. I eliminated the radio noise suppressor. I have 12v to the "BAT" terminal (red) of the HEI coil via the ign. sw. I switched the new and old parts in all combinations. I must be missing something. The parts only fit one way. The #1 cyl. is TDC. I have a manual for firing order, and know how the cyls. are numbered. My next move is to replace the entire dist. The NAPA guy wants to know if I have an L or M motor. I don't know the difference. He didn't ask when I bought the other parts. Any suggestions?

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