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I just came back from the parts store with some more basics. I stock the basics to keep things running in the event of problems when everyone is closed - fuel filters, U-joints, one set of front pads and rear shoes, one complete set of plow hoses, two springs, pins, clips, headlites and misc. bulbs, one plow shoe and a chev 4x4 front axle actuator.<br> All I really keep on the trucks are hoses, a spring, a spare light, a 12V trouble light, oils and misc tools to do the basics. Oh yeah, hand cleaner and rags. All is kept in a sealed plastic tote.<br> Does anyone stock more or feel the need for something else?<br>John

GeoffD Veteran
This is why i like to try to run one brand of trucks and plows<p>I stock deep in plow parts<p>For both my fisher and diamond plows<p>I keep battery cables<br>joy sticks <br>spare batterys<br>springs and pins<br>almost every part that fails easly i have stocked in the shop<p>The easyest way to avoid break downs is good maintmance. This involves total plow overhaul, post use checks, pre use quick checks.<p>My plow overhaul is allready started. Every part of the system is checked, paint touched up, worn parts replaced.<p>Post use checks will find a lot of worn or broken parts.<p>Pre use checks find problems before than they can occur. Rather find a problem at the shop than an hour away from the shop.<p>Geoff<br>


I try to stock mostly plow parts.<p>Spare cylinders, cutting egdes, Aframes, hoses, nuts&bolts and pins.<p>I have enough spare parts on hand to fix a plow in the middle of the night.<p>I only stock filters,spare tires and batteries for my equipment.<p>I agree with Geoff its much nicer if you keep standardization in trucks and plows. And you can never do too much PM. I'm big on oil changes, I change engine oil in everything after each plowing. And trans changes twice a year.<p>I also have a maintence truck that keeps tools and parts in so I can fix and repairs in the field.<p>----------<br>Rob S.<br>

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