Spare parts - what do you pack with you?

I just loaded what I think I will need to keep me going while on the road. Spare solinoid, hoses, oil, fuses, tools, pins, mits and socks. What do you carry to make your day (night) go by without too much downtime?

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I don't care much of anything in the trucks. It's up to the drivers some carry more than others. However I almost have a Fisher/Diamond plow dealership at my shop. With a yard guy/mech their during the storm.



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Our shop is never more than five miles from our work,so we don't carry anything.The side walk tractor guys carry fuel,extra pins and some simple tools and of course a big hammer.

SlimJim Z71 Addict
Cary, IL
Maglight, screwdrivers, crescent wrench, gloves, tow chain, snow brush, some towels, and the transport clamp for my plow (although I don't use it, but I keep it with just in case something goes wrong with the plow, at least I can jack it up and get it home.)


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Boy chuck could fill a page or two on this one. He's like me; a Boy Scout who likes to be prepared.
I take propane torch in case things get frozen & need warmed up, like chains to hyd. cyl.s (it has happened), jumper cables for sure, flashlight, extras on gloves & hats, shovels, salt, kitty litter to get unstuck (works great), tools & wrenches, extra fluids, cell phone & walkie talkies, & all the extra stuff already in my diamond plate cargo box. I also use a trick I used to use in grade school- I put plastic bags over my socks so they don't get wet after shoveling & whatever. Also an extra dry pair of socks too.
I'm a solo operator, but this year dad is driving the other truck, so we ARE the repair shop. :)

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