SouthEast PA Luncheon a success!

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Had a great time guys. We'll have to get together somtime again! Geeze, dont we all look dapper! Thats me, left rear!

Now I know why it isn't snowing..... Mike drove there with his plow ON! Mike, you have to take it off in order for Mother Nature to give us some more of that white stuff!

Mike Nelson

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Naperville IL
Sorry I couldn't make it guys.Just a little to far for me.
Definitely a great looking bunch of guys.My guess is you had the waitress's drooling telling them how much money you guys are making :D
Lots of luck to all.

John Allin Addict
Erie, PA

Yeah.... that's the word I was looking for. Thanks.

Who took the picture ??

And, is that BEER I see on the table?? Didn't you guys drive there??

Shame on you.

Oops... no.... I see that it's Coke in that pitcher....


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Sorry I didn't make it!

Hopefully you guys will be getting together in the near future and I will be well enough to attend. Thanks for invite Chip!!!


Even with the last minute location change things worked out great we just moved down the street.
The names starting at the right and going counterclockwise around the table are: Dave Highley a friend of Rick's he plows and is the Masonry business,Yours truly Chip, Evan528 a.k.a. Evan, Josh a new member to lawnsite today Skolnick's Landscaping, Dixie1 a.k.a. Tom, Mike Hughes, PaPlow a.k.a. Rick, and the last guy is a friend of Dave and Rick's sorry I forgot his name.
Thanks chip for the invite, we'll have to get together again. Also everybody you don't want to see the picture of the waitress she not anything you would want. I'm pretty much a nymphomaniac and would never touch here.
Hey Guys...It was good meeting you all. Had a good time talking shop and just b.s-ing with everyone. We should do that once a year around the same time. Maybe same place.

Oh and Josh...Was that waitress really that bad. A little old for you young buck, but I would have $%#&* least once. Nice

Sorry to any females that might be reading this. I don't mean to insult anyone.


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Phila, Burbs
Hey guys,

Look's like I missed a good time. I had some biz to take care of and then came down with the flu yesterday afternoon.
It really kicked my a$$. Thought I would never say this but I'm glad it didn't snow last night. Anyway from all the talk about waitresses and John wanting pics, maybe the next one can be at "Whooters"????


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