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SOUND OFF 6/90WATT 4 head hideaways

Discussion in 'Strobe Lighting' started by delong17, Dec 2, 2010.

  1. delong17

    delong17 Senior Member
    from 48009
    Messages: 185

    I just purchased these hideaway strobes to put in my 06 dodge ram. And i dont know what i am doing. I know a little about wiring because i rig'd four back up lights on my rear bumper for reversing. I taped into the 12v source, and the reverse light on the 7 pin connector(which was prestt simple because everything was open and i could see what i was doing. The problem i have here is should i hire a proffessional to wire these lights for 500 dollars(7 hours labor), or should i do them myself. I just dont get how to find the power source. ground, wire so everything isnt crazyly everywhere, and make it look clean while still making it work.

    Here is the things i do know how to do:
    -Drilling the holes in the head and tail lights
    -running wire

    Things i dont:
    -Going through firewall? (first of all, where is the firewall and where would the hole be? secondly, where does it come out into the cab?

    -setting up the amp and where i should ground it to?

    -which wires go in where for the correct pattern

    What i need is basic instructions for wiring and taking the dash panels off and figuring everything out. any help would greatly be appreciated.



    btw. if i dont figure out how to wire them fully before monday i am going to have the proffessionals do it for 500 dollars
  2. delong17

    delong17 Senior Member
    from 48009
    Messages: 185

    anyone wanna teach me or no?
  3. ultimateinc

    ultimateinc Senior Member
    Messages: 143

    if some shop told you $500 for 7 hours of labor there nuts i did my own and it was the first set iv done and took me alittle over 2 hours
  4. delong17

    delong17 Senior Member
    from 48009
    Messages: 185

    how do you do it! please advise, i wont hire them if its really only 2 hours.
  5. delong17

    delong17 Senior Member
    from 48009
    Messages: 185

    i literally will pay for your gas and 100 dollars to come and help me, i live in birmingham,mi around hour and ten minutes away. PLEASE.
  6. KL&M Snow Div.

    KL&M Snow Div. PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,616

    The firewall is was separates the engine compartment from the cab. They have rubber plugs in different places on them, that is where the factory runs the wires through. I would suggest finding an existing rubber grommet with wires already in it, ream out the hole a bit to fit your new wires through and silicone it back up if it's not a tight fit. Then for the rear I would run that set out of the same hole, unless your truck has a cab vent on the rear of the cab, if it does you can run the rears through that. I would mount your power supply up under the dash on the passenger side, or drivers side. It really doesn't matter, pass. side is normally less crowded though. Going through the firewall isn't too hard of a task, just be sure if the wires are expose to metal edges, smooth over the metal or wrap the wires in some sleeving. For the ground, you can just ground to the firewall, as this is a common ground point on quite a few vehicles. Good luck, just give me a ring or whatever if you need more info.
  7. alk8778

    alk8778 Junior Member
    from UTICA
    Messages: 4

    For your first time around it can be kind of confusing. Ive put them on a few different trucks and have wired in a few different ways. I may take you up on your offer, Im in Troy. PM if your still interested.
  8. delong17

    delong17 Senior Member
    from 48009
    Messages: 185

    i suprized myself tonight. I drilled the holes, ran the wire in the factory wire housing(that black plastic tubing that runs over wiring) ran the wiring to the pwoer supply which i mounted right next to my air intake. It is so clean so far.

    I mounted the power supply outside my cab because it is in its own separate area really easy to get to if i want to change the patterns or something(pop of the hood) and also if i want to add strobes i can add them without going through the firewall, just plug and mount where i want them.

    I cant deside which pattern to choose when picking the wires though. Quint, quad or all flashing at the same time. There seems to be different color wires to be used so the patterns are flashing 1,3&5 together and , 4 & 6 together. I dont quite understand that yet.

    Also, i want to mount my switches where my head light switch is but there is no room behind the dash for the wiring and backing of the switch if i do that. I dont want a big flasher box because it is my personal truck for now too. I am going with a black switch with a small green light when its on. It will match my other switches but i just need to figure out where to mount them.

    Also, i have a question about the 12v power supply, can i just make a new connection to the positive side on the battery? or should i use another wire that already has a power supply to it? Im not sure which wire it is when there is 50 different wires running by the emergency break.
  9. flykelley

    flykelley 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,127

    PM Sent

  10. Strobesnmore

    Strobesnmore Senior Member
    Messages: 413

    If you get stuck give me a call on Monday and ill spend 5 minutes with you on some dos and donts. Louis
  11. SafetyLighting

    SafetyLighting Senior Member
    Messages: 601

    You mounted the power supply under the hood? Did you get a weatherproof power supply?
  12. delong17

    delong17 Senior Member
    from 48009
    Messages: 185


    Lighting is up and working great. I installed it myself. For the wire, crimp fittings, and grounding fittings i am into it about 10 dollars for materials + 120 for the kit. So 130 dollars. Also, i got 4 switches to put directly into my dash. (cant figure out how though) i should take some pictures and put up here so you guys can help more, but there is no room behind the dash and on the left of the steering wheel to run the wires.

    The only problem i have has so far is the right rear strobe AMP connector broke and i need a new one but cant find where to just order ONE coupling to put into the power supply. I need one pin actually. Thats all
  13. delong17

    delong17 Senior Member
    from 48009
    Messages: 185

    When i did my 3" body lift the air intake box didn't fit so i bolted it around 2 feet up, and it made a perfect little enclosed box. Also, this was recomended by Street legal customs, where i got the 500 dollar quote to install this, which i did and took me around 4 hours to pull everything and wire everything up.

    Also, it is covered by hood, and rubberized all the way around except for the backing which is bolted to the metal frame.

    I'll take pictures when i get the chance.

    Question. Is there any way to make different flash patterns besides the 4 they include. I have it on Quint Flash right now. Which do you guys run?