Sound like good deal?


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Flint, Michigan
I have a chance to purchase an '88 Chevy 3/4 ton pickup with a Western plow and salt spreader. It belongs to one of my clients, who own a large restaurant/motorlodge, and it was only used to plow these. It has a brand new transmission in it and the truck only has 30,000 actual miles on it. The body is a little rough, but it's mechanically sound. Everything works, and it runs and drives great! I do have to replace a leaky tranny cooler hose (they have couplinged w/ rubber hose) and maybe a gas line that may leak. Just little things. The tires are like brand new. They are asking $2800. for it. Does this sound like a decent deal? They said they are willing to barter on it too, so I think they'll hold on to it if I want it- even if I pay cash. I realize this thread probably would have better fit under the truck category, but I was viewing it from a plowing aspect.Thanks for the help guys!

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I think I'd jump on it, only thing that kinda bothers me is WHY did they have to replace the tranny at that low mileage. Could that indicate a lack of maintenance which could come back to bite you? I had one of those under-maintained trucks once, it got expensive!


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Who cares,take off the $1000 plow and a $500 to $1000 salt spreader and the truck only cost at most $1300 pretty cheap if it will plow.


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Sounds like a pretty good deal. If the engine is a big block, it should be easy to work on or service. You might want to check out the plow and see how its condition is and if the pump and hoses are in good working condition. Also, I agree w/ Alan about the tranny being replaced at such low miles; did they beat the hell out of it?