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Hello,<p>In response to the fact that nothing much is being said in here now, I just add this.<p>Today, everyone in my department and most of the office personnel headed up to buffalo for the snow symoposium. <p>And guess who's left behind.......<p>This stinks.<p>I had such a great time last year, and this year is a equipment year. All those shiny Osh Kosh's, brand new stewart steven's, nice new sweepsters are sitting up there to admire, kick the tires on, and drive around in for a test ride are sitting up there and me, I'm sitting here looking forward to a week of mowing the airfield by myself. <p>Not to mention the other finer things in life like the free food on the company account, high octane canadian beer, and a farewell reception that has a table loaded with shrimp for as far as the eye can see.....(oops, oh ya, the CANADIAN BALLET too)<p>Those bastards.....I hope they have a miserable time up there now....<p>I hope we get a freak april snow storm and they have to all come back. I'll plow the 4 miles x 150 ft of airfield by my dam self if this is the treatment I'm gonna get!!<p>steveair<p><p>


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Well Some one had to watch the fort. This type of stuff used to happen to me all the time at my old job. The boss would leave for vacation, IE Mexico or Hawaii and I would be left behind to fix the cars and run the shop. Now I have a new job. It’s a little better. But on Friday just before every one else disappeared, My boss asked if I could finish some work at home this weekend. Well the OT is nice. Maybe you should go flying, Always makes things better with me. Hope you have a nice weekend. I've been working in the yard. Pulling stumps and tilling and planting. The old Chevy earned its keep this weekend.<br>Yack at you later. <p>Yort. <br>