some new pics


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been a long time....very busy with landscape install work, hardly have a minute to breath.

anyway, got some pics of our equip. at airport posted on guidos equip. pics. pages. will be getting some more soon.

Thanks guido!!!!!


steve's airport page

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Hey Steve, no problem and thank you for contributing more pics to my site. I want to invite all you new guys reading this to make a folder for yourself at my site and put up pics of your equipment or jobs you've done, or whatever for the rest of us to check out. The link for my page is here!

Steve, I've been busy too lately, but in the next month or so, I'll have the rest of our snow equip pics up there. Hope all is well!!

Chuck Smith

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Protected Community???

Why are your pages in a protected community??? I sent a request for access a few days ago. I'd love to take a look.
Plenty of free web page providers out there to choose from. Needing approval kinda sucks!

....end of rant....


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i thought some photos i got would fit in this post nice

these photos came from a NYC mechanic that works p/t in the <a href="">auto/truck repair shop</a> i work at p/t. these are from the blizzard of 96'. they are not my photos. they may take a while to load.
<img src=""><p><img src="">

Eric ELM

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I have to agree

I'm glad you said it first Chuck. I have heard from several that wonder why his pages are protected like that. Move them to a free unprotected area Dave and it would make puter time much easier. There are a lot of unexperianced puter operators that come to Lawnsite, so give them a break. :)

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Sorry guys, I know its a pain in the ass for now but when I get off my lasy a$$ I'm going to make my own website. I'll figure it out sooner or later!! For now, you just have to apply for access, and as soon as I get the e-mail I approve your request and it e-mails you back ( I think??)

By the way, since about 60 of you already went through the pain in the ass way I'll tell you that I just put up some pics of some of the stuff I saw at the German Landscape and Garden Expo today.



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