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Hi,,I am just start out plowing this year.we average about 3 to 10" of snow per snow fall.
(I hear that there getting between $75 to $100 per hr here and was wandering what to charge to plow a lot ,drive way or small road)do I charge by the Sq foot,and how much do i charge per foot.)and how much do I plow
(many times at what snow rate 3"-6"-9")
some gave me this.
(( 3 to 5 in.=0.0555 X Sq foot)
(( 6 to 9 in.=0.0655 X Sq foot)
and so on ((((((((help dont know what to do if u can help please help)ps some tips on plowing too if u got..em

Thanks form Bob-- here in West Berlin NJ

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1986 GMC 1500 4/w drive

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Personally, I've found that starting out at 2", and then comming back every few inches works better than charging different amounts for additional accumulation. I charge anywhere from $15 for the smallest driveway on up to $130. And that PER PLOW.

Tips on plowing:

1. Take your time. The faster you go, the sooner you'll brake something.

2. Watch out for curbs. They will mess you up in a hurry.

3. Use those little poles with reflectors on them... or something like that. They help a LOT when theres a foot of snow on the ground.

4. Listen to the people in here. They know what they're talking about... or at least they do a good job of faking it. LOL


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