Some Current Daniels Sale Units Pics attached

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  1. gvm

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    We have a couple units that were pulled from inventory to help fight Last weeks big storm in Chicago

    These are BIG TIME discounted So contact me while the gettin is good so to speak!

    1 16' wing plow has JRB backing plate/Curb Guards (used 3 days)
    2 14' Straight Blades w/Pusher Kits (used 3 days)
    1 20' Three in One (built for customer - Did not buy) has JRB Plate, all the goodies, can make Cat, Case ACS, and what ever plate you need. Unit is BRAND NEW Discounted BIG - only on this one unit.

    You will not find a better deal than these current ones right now!

    lastly, 6 90" pull plows, call me for price - NICE savings too!

    Call Gary at Daniels 800-386-2932ussmileyflag

    2011-02-07 10.29.21.jpg


    2010-11-24 12 34 42 (WinCE).JPG

    2010-12-10 11.19.20 (WinCE).jpg

    2010-12-10 11.17.32 (WinCE).jpg
  2. a price on the 14 foot
  3. JohnnyRoyale

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    x2!! I'm interested in one of the 14 footers...maybe both.
  4. heman

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    how much!!! i left a message at your office call me.
  5. OP

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    to twin, Johnny, and heman, call me at the office, or my cell 847-220-3994 Ive got two sb's left, and I wanna move 'em!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! call me! Gary.
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    I was interested in 2 90" pull plows used or new. What type of pricing can you offer?

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    From what I have heard Gary is no longer around.
    :rolleyes: John...