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Cary, IL
I keep the controls for my plow in the truck year-round, and the other day I noticed when I hit the switch, I could hear the solenoid engage, but then it took a few seconds for it to "let go". It sounds like the solenoid is sticking again. Does someone make a decent solenoid??? This will be the third one in about 1-year. Aparently, the one SnoWay is using is just not cutting it. Starting to get a little irritated...

Thanks guys!


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My first plow was old Western "basket case" (on a basket case truck to match) and one of the things that wasn't in the basket was a solenoid.

I used the good 'ol Ford starter solenoid, worked fine. (Required a bit of head-scratching to get it all wired up, but figured it out eventually)

Since it's essentially a starter motor that's driving the pump on your plow, I think CT18's suggestion should work for your SnoWay.

Chuck Smith

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Keep in mind that slow click can also be caused by a poor ground connection. Everyone always checks all the plugs and connections on a plow set up, but most overlook the actual place everything is grounded to on the truck.



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Good Point Chuck. I make a point as part of service to remove all the battery and ground connection for the plow. In other words all the big cables related to the plow motor. I clean all terminals and mounting services and retighten connections. I do this as part of the service everyfall. Remember these connections have not been used all summer and may have some rust or corrosion on them.
SlimJim Z71

SlimJim Z71 Addict
Cary, IL
Thanks all! I've checked over the connections already... but nothing turned up. I'm pretty picky about keeping my truck clean and working properly.

Time for a new one.


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My mechanics biggest complaint. Why can you guys to was under the hood, and under the truck body. I guess they don't like working under the hood full of dirt.