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Just wanted to share a website with you that I came across that might be of interest. They offer a demo CD-rom for free and when I go it, I was impressed with what you can do with it. For those who say they do a lot of verbal quotes and then cannot collect, this would be great to keep track of them. I know not everyone wants to purchase a laptop, but if you can record the verbals and make them documental, then those who don't want to pay will not have much to say when it is documented. Always get a signature from the client, once they sign it, they can't fight you very well if you have to go to collections. Even if you are not collecting each time you plow, the initial contract even for driveways ought to have a signature and terms spelled out if payment is not met. If you have these terms spelled out and they do not pay, then by law you have the right to start adding interest and late fees. You will have to consult your state or local law on this but you will be entitled to some kind of interest and late fees for failure to pay.

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