So what happened?


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My server couldn't locate Plowsite or Lawnsite since Friday, drove me nuts! I had about a dozen thread subscriptions pile up and a couple PMs I couldn't answer. I was curious what happened. Whatever it was is fixed now. Thanks.


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May not have been plowsite at all. It could have been your ISP or one of the "backbones" like Uunet, Sprint, Alternet, or one of the others.

If you open an MSDOS prompt (in windows usually START - PROGRAMS- MSDOS PROMPT) and type
and hit enter, it will trace the route that it takes to get to plowsite.

For me, it makes 18 "hops".

The best way to find out where the problem is, is to do a tracert when you CAN get to the site, and save it in a text file or print it. Then when you cannot get to it, do a tracert, and see which hop it can't make.

I know, this makes me look like a computer geek, but remember, Bill Gates makes it OK to be a geek. :D


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Wish I had been able to contact you back then. My server is Earthlink, I had contacted them but none of the solutions they offered helped. I knew the site was up because the thread notices still came, but I couldn't bring them up. That Sunday eve, it just started to work again. Thanks!


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I use Earthlink too. Sort of. I started with The Internet Ramp which was bought out by One Main after about 5 years. Then Earthlink bought out One Main after about a year.

With The Internet Ramp, I was paying $14.95/ month for unlimited hours.

One Main promised they wouldn't raise the price, and they didn't.

Earthlink raised it to $19.95 AND they charge me $1 to send my invoice in the mail. And ANOTHER $1 because I don't use electronic fund transfer to pay them. Boy that gets me angry just thinking about how absurd it is. But, the service has always been excellent and NEVER EVER a busy signal (laughing at AOL users... HA HA HA , HA HA HA )

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