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So hwo else has a warmed over cummins here?

Discussion in 'Ram Trucks' started by ToolManTimTaylor, Aug 13, 2003.

  1. ToolManTimTaylor

    ToolManTimTaylor Junior Member
    Messages: 18

    Kinda curious. We all know John's truck is just plain corrupt :dizzy: Mine's O.K who else do we have? It just makes work easier doesn't it? ;) Why bake a cake at 300* for an hour when you can do it at 900* 3 times as fast :D
  2. wyldman

    wyldman Member
    Messages: 3,265

    Most of out plow trucks are pretty mild,just a BHAF and straight pipes.One of the 24V's has 215 injectors in it.

    My 12 Valve truck is done up a little more.My own custom fuel plate,AFC spring,3000 RPM Govenor spring kit,timing advanced,injectors,wastegate mods,BHAF,straight piped,etc.It a nice 350 HP,with barely manageable EGT's.Stock tranny complains a lot,but it's still stock,with almost 400,000 K on it so far.

    When my head gasket finally lets go,I'll get serious with it.Ported and polished head,3 angle valve job,ATS manifold,Banks twin ram intake,functional ram air,Piers HX-40 or bigger,5 inch exhaust,and a complete DTT tranny and convertor to put it all to the ground.Would be nice to see 500 HP out of it.I have a really sick P7100 ready to go on,but it might be a little too much pump for the street.The truck it was on had a real nasty sounding idle,and the throttle was was too touchy.I may try it,and if it's too much,just get my pump tweaked and throw a bigger plate at it.
  3. szorno

    szorno Senior Member
    Messages: 308

    Mine is stock as of now. Never leave well enough alone. Gotta start with the low-bucks mods. Thinking K&N, and new exhaust. Open to suggestions. Gotta keep the MPG up as it is my daily driver. Thanks.
  4. wyldman

    wyldman Member
    Messages: 3,265

    Skip the K&N,total junk.Get a BHAF,and straight pipe the exhaust.That's all you need to get started.
  5. Nozzleman

    Nozzleman Senior Member
    Messages: 267

    wyldman is right about the K&N filter, skip it. If you want a reusable filter try a aFe, it is suppose to be a better filter.
  6. ToolManTimTaylor

    ToolManTimTaylor Junior Member
    Messages: 18

    OOps Mr miss spell strikes again. hwo?
  7. wyldman

    wyldman Member
    Messages: 3,265

    Tim ? Care to explain that in english ?

  8. ToolManTimTaylor

    ToolManTimTaylor Junior Member
    Messages: 18

    My bad look at the thread title. HWO = who

  9. wyldman

    wyldman Member
    Messages: 3,265

    OK - gotcha
  10. Nuttymopar

    Nuttymopar Member
    from Vermont
    Messages: 60

    I also agree on the K & N. Nothing against them as they have worked great for my cars but the Turbo just sucks too much air and some dirt has shown up on my turbo blades. Switched over to Amsoil and not a problem. My motor is currently putting out about 387 HP and 877 torque at the crank. I do have the DTT full tranny which has helped greatly, otherwise I would be pushing this truck. Turning the power back as getting ready to plow. Just hate it when all 4 tires spin and it isn't even snowing yet.

    View attachment smoketruck.jpg