Snowsport hitch clearance issues.

Discussion in 'SnowSport®' started by glennv, Oct 30, 2009.

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    I bought a Snowsport HD cheap knowing that it needed between 8-16 inches of clearance from the hitch to the ground. I could mount it to our Cherokee but I have an 09 Tacoma and 01 Wrangler that I would rather use for plowing. The problem is Tacoma front hitch is 22" from the ground and the Wrangler is about 26" Are there any options for me? Maybe a drop hitch of some sort?
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    Are you going to mount it on a front hitch or into one of your rear ones?The trick is really to have the bottom of the two pusher frame uprights at the right ht from the ground.The reason is you don,t want to have the blade hanging way down in front (of the uprights)while doing MOST of your plowing.This may over stress the round rod support loops at the top and in thery have the blade fold in under the truck.The other extreme has the plow always banging up on the lock pins (as if the blade is trying to come up /off the upright pcs).If these uprights are the right ht then it's a matter of lowering your hitch point and BRACING it well enough so It doesn't bend and fold up under the truck.It also makes a differance how far away you are from the center line of the closest axle(how far the blade sticks out from the front or the rear)You want just a nice clearance so you can angle it and NO MORE.As you go plowing over hollows and peaks the blade has to slide up and down.The farther you are from the axle(pivot point) the more the amount it has to this.Hope this helps.Good luck/have fun/stay safe.