Snows too deep, better melt soon.

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by cantoo, Jan 2, 2001.

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    Couple of us guys at work today spouting off about all the snow we have, I said it's getting real dangerous with the banks so high and the roads getting narrow. Tonight I was on the phone with the Snowmobile club president making plans to work at our shack tomorrow night, he gets another call. Local kid 16yrs old driving down our trail pulled onto the highway to cross it, stops right infront of an 18 wheeler,, no more snowmobile and no more kid. **** that's the 2nd one in a few days, other one was hit by a snowmobile while walking her dog.
    We all knew it was gonna happen, but everyone always thinks it's gonna happen to someone else.
    Watch the corners guys and the hidden driveways.
  2. cutntrim

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    When I'm in my truck it's the "civilians" hitting me, and not the other way around, that I'm afraid of. I can see over top of the piles. But my wife can't when she's in her car, and that's worrying. We should get our January Thaw soon enough though. But first we're going to get more snow, tonight and Friday.
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    I've noticed that too. The city I live in has a few spots where it's very hard to see around corners, making it dangerous for everyone. I guess no one was expecting to get so much snow in December, so they didn't plan for it.

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    Today, the town took its one truck with wing plow and cut down the curbside snowbanks and made a shelf around 4 feet further back-helped immensely with visibility. Also re-buried everyone's driveway aprons :(
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    Been facing the visiility problem myself lately when driving the car, too much snow piled up in the wrong places. I was just thinking today about liability concerns of stacking snow and blocking visibility. I did see the city out today with the loader and dump taking away the piles.

  6. OP

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    One of my guys got a call todya, his Mother got toasted in her car when she inched out at a corner. The car was totalled by she only got bumps and bruises. Now on the radio the OPP are warning people to watch out, of course they're not doing anything about the high banks yet though...
    Did I mention that I live near Walkerton Ontario where water is half price this week?
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    If I were in Walkerton I think I'd be collecting up some of that extra snow to melt for drinking water.